Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Chiffon and Lace

I have been wearing this beautiful Glamorous jacket since it arrived, it's bloody lovely!  The length is fab, it ends at my waist so doesn't add too much bulk when worn with my regular skater style dress.  Wonderful.  The shoes are the ones in last weeks wishlist, total bargain at £26 for a lovely pair of leather boots.  I brightened up this all black outfit with a pair of ace tights from mytights.com, what do you think?  I love coloured tights but am not sure about patterned ones on me, do they work?  I don't really think I have the legs for them but loved how unusual they are.

Jacket: Glamorous*
Dress: H&M
Tights: Miss Oroblu @ MyTights.com*
Ankle Boots: Blink @ Spartoo*

Sorry this outfit is mostly gifted, it's pretty unusual for me.  Don't get me wrong like everyone I love getting asked to review things but in reality turn down most clothing as I just wouldn't buy it myself.  Apart from the tights the whole outfit is really me and the tights are what I want to wear but am not necessarily brave enough try otherwise.  I guess being gifted an item does sometimes make you braver in your choices which is not always a bad thing!  How do you feel about outfits that are mostly gifted?  Does it change your view on the overall outfit?  Apart from the same pair of shoes I haven't blogged a gifted item for over a month so I don't feel too bad!



  1. I really like the tights, I think they look great wiht the rest of the black items. That jacket looks lovely too!
    I don't think there's anything much wrong with showing gifted items, although it can be a bit much when some people seem to do them every post.

  2. Lovely outfit :) There's nothing wrong with gifted items every now and then, it's interesting to see :)


  3. Nothing wrong with gifted items! I love the dress it is really beautiful, the jacket im really sorry is horrible, the tights are alright but maybe with a different outfit. Ankle boots with a jazzy pair of tights cut you off at the wrong place, if you wear jazzy tights then you need a shoe that is cut farther down your foot.

  4. That jacket's lovely, looks so snuggly!

  5. Love this jacket, it looks so warm! I only review things that I would buy myself but I do try and push myself out of my comfort zone too- as with most things, I think it's about getting a balance...

    Maria xxx

  6. Those tights are insane, love them!

  7. I love the print on those tights. The jacket looks lovely and warm too xx

  8. I really like your tight and so lovely jacket.

  9. Love love love your the look.

    Follow one another? Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.


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