Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Be mine...

As I've mentioned before I am not big on Valentines but that's not to say I don't love all the little gifts that are available this time of year, I love hearts, love and cutesy trinkets.  With this in mind I have created a cute little wishlist for the love of your life.

How amazing is this etched shaving mirror?  I adore it!  Such a cute touch and a daily reminder just in case they ever forget ;)

Etched Mirror: Rockett St George

I already own the tile version of this print, it's so cute! It says 'life would be rubbish without you' Never a truer word spoken.

Rubbish Without You Print: Rose and Grey

Okay so this plate would make me happier than it would my Valentine, that's okay right?

Gotta get my hints in somehow, this is crazy priced but oh so amazing.  I love a bit of Rob Ryan (not that I am rich enough to own any, boooo!)  The print reads:

There is no such thing as free time
There is no such thing as work time
There is no such thing as play time
There is no such thing as spare time
There is no such thing as the right time
There is no such thing as down time
There is no such thing as quality time
There is no such thing as the wrong time

There is only time

The rarest and most precious gift I can give you seems to be the one thing I never have enough of to spare, but I promise to give you as much as I have and will make even more + more to give you. Can these seconds and minutes slowly grow into hours and days and perhaps weeks, months and years? In the name of St. Valentine can you be mine? 14th February 2013


Rob Ryan Print: Soma Gallery



  1. That last print is gorgeous. <3

  2. Love that last print. It's nice seeing some boy gift ideas! Everyone is busy posting the usual heart and pink fluff girly gift guides, which doesn't help me very much!

  3. Love the print and the shaving mirror! xx

  4. Lovely items. I may actually buy that mirror for spencer, it would be great for plucking my eyebrows haha xx

  5. That heart print!I love things with hearts all the year round! My boyfriend and I accidentally co-ordinate because I buy him clothes in colours i like so i have have the same colours! There isn't any point buying him something in a colour I don't like!


  6. Awww this is making me rather excited for that day of lurrrrve haha! I'd love to buy Liam that shaving mirror except he's pretty lazy these days and more often prickly than not. Are you going out or doing anything nice for it love? ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

    1. I'm contemplating the mirror too, it's just too cute! We don't usually do much other than cards & cooking steak so maybe that. You doing anything nice? xx


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