Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Hummingbird Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook is hands down my favourite recipe book so it might surprise a few of you that even though they are my go to for the most delicious vanilla cupcake recipe I have never actually tried any of their own baked goods.  Hannah sorted me out a couple of weekends ago with an impromptu visit after stuffing our faces at Byron.  I picked two to take away with me and managed to hold off eating them for the whole train journey home!  I went for vanilla as it's the best flavour to make a judgement on and a black bottom cupcake on Hannah's recommendation.

I am not a big fan of chocolate sponge normally but black bottom is made using a darker less sweet sponge and I have to say I am converted, it was lovely!  The addition of the dollop of cheesecake and the cream cheese frosting made for a scrummy cupcake.  I wasn't sold on the vanilla though, the icing had a strange taste to it like the ready made icing you can buy in supermarkets and the sponge was quite dry.  Very disappointing!  My husband even paid me the best compliment ever by saying that he prefers my vanilla cupcakes.  Life made!


  1. I love the Hummingbird recipe books!
    I often find this with bought cupcakes, especially when they have little lights in their display counters, then can be a little dry. Ah well!

    Jesss xo

  2. Haha, well done husband! He's clearly a keeper... Xx

  3. Your cakes always look amazing, I found that the cake I had from Hummingbird Bakery was a little dry :(

    Maria xxx

  4. I love the black bottom ones, bit addicted. I like how red their red velvet ones are too but I made them from the cookbook myself and they tasted better because they were fresh ;) x

  5. Yeah, glad you liked the black bottom, it's definitely my favourite! I find the vanilla ones very sickly sweet which is sometimes a good thing as one is always enough


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