Saturday, 1 December 2012

Shaken Not Stirred - Cocktail Masterclass

Me and cocktail making haven't always mixed well.  I chose cocktail making for my hen night and it didn't end too well for me.  The contents of the bottle of jager that were poured straight down my throat bounced back up pretty quick!  So when Ladbrokes kindly offered to treat me and four friends to a cocktail masterclass I had to promise my friends I would be on my best behaviourSelina also threatened that if I was sick on her shoes again I would have to buy her a new pair...

We chose to do our masterclass at one of our local haunts, Merchants.   Merchants is one of my favourite places to eat in Warwick, their food is is locally sourced and great quality.  They don't just offer cocktail making, they also run wine tasting and the one I want to try the most - the sweet tooth evening.  YUM.  We started off the evening making a simple bellini which went down a treat.   

Next up we all had a go at making our favourite classic cocktail.  Gray, Selina and Rob made daiquiri's, Julia made a version of a black russian and I plumped for a bramble which has just become my new favourite cocktail.  It was so tasty!

For our third cocktails we all made them up as we went along.  We all opted for our favourite spirits and mixed in what we thought would make a scrummy drink.  There were chillis and chocolate and all sorts in those ones.  I stuck to a cocktail I used to make myself regularly when getting ready for a night out.  I didn't used to measure those ones though ;)

If you're interested mine contained - baileys, cointreau, milk, crushed ice, a cream floater and a dusting of chocolate shavings to finish.  A seriously good cocktail if you like them creamy!

We interrupted the cocktail fun for a little snack with the daily £5 special, you can see my steak and chips in the photo above, mmmmm.

We ended our evening with a game of cocktail roulette.  The cocktail master mixed these ones for us on our instruction and placed them in the centre of the table without revealing which was which. The laughter behind the bar told us they were not going to be nice!  One was named the tsunami as it the salt rim and general murky taste hit you like a tidal wave.  Glad I didn't get that one!  After a few cocktails Selina revealed the real reason she is obsessed with I'm a celeb. ;)

We had an absolute blast, I would totally recommend the experience to anyone.  A massive thank you to the staff at Merchants for being so accommodating and of course to Ladbrokes for their very kind gift!

* We were treated to a cocktail masterclass experience courtesy of Ladbrokes.  The fun was all our own ;)



  1. aaaw looks like you had a blast, my mum likes David Hayes bum in the jungle shower too, gross! xx

  2. This looks like so much fun and right up my street! I never can no to cocktails!


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