Monday, 3 December 2012


I have some sad news to share with you all, I was really bloody disappointed by Viva Forever, the Spice Girls musical :(  I had been looking forward to seeing it for ages and hate that I have to report back that I found it really dull.  The best part was the end when after they had finished telling the mediocre story they danced to a few Spice Girls songs.  Seriously how can you make the Spice Girls dull?! Still a massive Spice Girls fan, defo wouldn't recommend the musical.

I am not sure how I feel about this Lovestruck dress.  I love the colour and liked the gold detailing on the website but am just not sure it works on me.  I think I might snip it off.   I have started layering sleeveless dresses with a crop top now the temperature has dropped considerably.  I might have made it up but am sure that I read somewhere that lots of thin layers are warmer than one big thick one?  Anyway crop tops are great for layering as you don't end up with excess material around the tummy, I certainly don't need any extra padding there!  This one is next on my must have list!

Dress: Lovestruck*
Crop Top: asos
Ankle Boots: Vagabond @ Spartoo*

I have been alternating between just two pairs of shoes recently and they are both ankle boots by Vagabond!  They are seriously comfy.  These ones are little wedges that I stomped round London in without getting achy feet - a first for me!



  1. What a shame about Viva Forever! I thought it would be a guaranteed win for a girly night out. I'll stick to screeching awfully at karaoke instead then!

    Shopped and Dropped

  2. Gosh that is a shame about Viva Forever! I am surprised as the story is by Jennifer Saunders. My sister is seeing it soon, interested to see what she thinks!

    Love this dress and it looks really good layered with the crop top. Not sure I am a fan of the gold detailing either!

  3. Its a shame that Viva Forever was rubbish, loads of people have been lookin forward to it. Makes me glad now though that I opted not to get tickets.

    I love the colour of the dress its beautiful, but I would agree with cutting off the detailing. Would have been better in black or something.

  4. really love the colour of the dress xx

  5. Such a good idea to layer a crop top, I will definitely be trying that!

    Maria xxx

  6. Such a shame about Viva Forever! :(

    I don't think you're alone there, I also think lots of thin layers keeps you warmer than one thicker one - something to do with trapping air between layers I think?! The dress looks great, anyway! :) xxx


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