Monday, 17 December 2012

I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

Okay so from these photos you cannot even tell that this amazing jumper has heart shaped elbow patches.  But it does.  And they are ace.  Nuff said. I cannot get enough of green right now, this New Look dress was a total bargain, I have worn it so much already.  It's easy to wear and washes well which is always a winner.  Saying that the lace did shrink a bit so I've since taken up the underskirt (when I say I obviously I mean my Mum! haha)  I almost wore this outfit to the South West Bloggers Christmas Party yesterday but it smelt of dinner after wearing it out for tapas so I had to dig out a back up...

Dress: New Look
Jumper: asos
Necklace: Accessorize
Ankle Boots: Vagabond @ Spartoo*

I have been wearing these shoes a fair bit, the fur lining makes them so cozy!  I hate being cold and there is nothing worse than losing the feeling in your toes, nearly snow boot time for me ;)

It's the time of the year that everyone starts reflecting on the year that has almost passed and making resolutions/promises for improvement next year.  I never really make resolutions although if I did they would have been weight related for the last few years.  I have had an amazing 2012 in every way apart from when it comes to weight loss.  After a great start I have well and truly fallen off the wagon and am considerably heavier than I was this time last year (about a stone :( ) I am not going to worry about it over the festive period but I am going to try and find my mojo come January.  I am thinking of trying something quite radical for me which will totally test how much I want this.  I am considering going cold turkey on sugar.  I am a total sugar addict and know that if I am ever to get the results I want then this is what I realistically need to do.  Have you ever given up on sugar and if so do you have any tips for me?  I have a book (have had for a number of years) that I am going to be re-reading over the Christmas holidays in preparation.  It might also mean the end of Sunday Sweets although I LOVE baking so might carry on being a feeder and bake stuff I don't really like and am not tempted by... too much of a test of my will power?



  1. I've got this dress, but it didn't wash very well for me; I got it out and all the lace had pulled and frayed :( not happy about it because it was one of my favourite dresses x

  2. Oh that dress is such a perfect green! I have a bright emerald lace skater dress which is one of my absolute favourite Christmas frocks, but I love the darker shade of this one. LOVE the heart patches on the cardigan too and the red/green, subtly Christmassy theme.

    And I think your figure is fab! xxx

  3. Oh I love the colour of this dress.
    Wow to the sugar idea. Maybe best to put the baking on hold until you see how you get on with cutting out sugary temptation? x x

  4. I love the deep green of your dress,is very cute outfit ...Now about The sugar one-two small tabletspoons of the honey everyday can give you a solution...I'm Doctor

  5. Love that dress & elbow pads!

    I'm feeling really heavy and generally sluggish at the moment. Cutting out sugar is a fab idea, I'm considering that alongside dairy. I'm going to seriously up my intake of fruit & veg once the season of binge eating is over AND I'm signing up to weight watchers again but this time going to the classes too. x

  6. Love the heart sleeves! Hope you are feeling better soon, you looked lovely yesterday!

    Maria xxx

  7. Oh hi pretty! I adore the jumper, and the colour of the dress is just perfection! BABE XXX

  8. I love the elbow patches - I have a jumper that is wearing thin at the elbows and might try a bit of DIY to fix it. Love the green too, it's one of my favourites.

    A cheeky plug for my Australian beauty box giveaway.

  9. Ohh you look amazing, the elbow pads are so cute! Such a nice colour too! I'll be on the weight loss wagon for 2013 too - eek!

    S x

  10. I tried on that dress but the green just didn't seem to suit but I loved the pattern of the lace. The green goes so well with your hair :) I am getting that exact same jumper for my Christmas!


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