Friday, 7 December 2012

Foxy Frolics

Think it's fair to say I have become fox obsessed recently!  I think I have been trying to make up for not being able to dress my iPhone in the accessorize case I want so badly...  I like how all the foxy items look together and if I am honest how the colour of the fox works with my hair! haha.  Oh dear, seriously though since I changed my hair colour I have totally re-assessed the colours I wear, I didn't really think it would have much of an impact.  I never, ever wore green before and now I cannot get enough of it.  Such a cliche.  The jumper is by Joules and really lovely quality.  It's quite thin but oh so lovely and warm and thankfully not at all itchy.  Is it only me who finds more expensive jumpers are sometimes not that nice against your skin?  I can't wear pure wool or angora without wanting to scratch my skin off.

I picked up the cute foxy slippers for a few pounds in Primark recently, they are fab aren't they and totally make the outfit... do you think anyone will stare if I wear them out of the house??  My #wardrobezoo is getting a bit fox heavy... I want a few giraffes but haven't found any cute enough that are not on clothing for kids under 18 months ;)  Let me know if you spot any.

Jumper: Joules*
Slippers: Primark

I quite like how my hair is looking in these photos, I am loving my new GHD's they make sorting out my hair so much easier each morning. 



  1. I have a similar hair colour to you and now tend to shy away from purple and burgundy. You definitely become more aware of colour as a redhead, I totally agree! Love the fox jumper. My friend swears by Joules so I'll have to give them a try I think :) x

  2. absolutely loving this outfit. the neckline wouldn't do me any favours but on you it looks divine!! xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  3. Cute outfit, I've got lots of foxes and squirrels in my wardrobe at the moment x

  4. oh im so jelly over your fox jumper and dress! im a huge Joules fan!! and that dress has been on my want list for ages! you look fab and great hair too!! xx

  5. Haha, you know you have too much #wardrobezoo when you have three items from one animal! You need to balance it out a bit, get a few other creatures in there - where are your rhinos, donkeys and ring-tailed lemurs eh? Your zoo's looking a bit fox heavy at the moment and if I'm honest I've never seen a fox in a zoo anyway Sarah and if there was one in there it would be because it sneaked in at night! xo

  6. Just love this outfit! Your jumper is gorgeous and I may have to treat myself to some foxy slippers in my break!
    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  7. love this outfit - so cute x

  8. LOVE this jumper, the green looks lovely with your hair!

    Maria xxx


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