Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Gifts

Joanna tweeted asking if I would share what I received for Christmas, I know lots of you also love this kind of post.  I'm not really one for sharing the presents I have been so generously gifted, I've also never done a haul type post and feel a bit 'oooh look how spoilt I am' in sharing.  Truth is I don't very often actually ask for anything and much prefer giving presents than receiving them.  Last year all Gray and I bought each other was a jumper to wear on Christmas day, we had only just returned from our honeymoon and had a week to sort out everyone else gifts.  That was not a fun experience and the reason I started my Christmas shopping in October this year.

I honestly cannot believe how lucky I have been.  The day started unwrapping a fox Kigu and a beautiful metallic blue Zatchels saddle bag (which I actually did ask for as Gray told me he was getting desperate and needed help! Sneaky G)  My parents have hired a holiday cottage for a week for all of us as our main present - bagsie not sleeping in the room next to the new born!  They also treated us to new dressing gowns (bye, bye used to be white skanky old one) and a few little stocking fillers.

My sister and her husband gave me a gift token which I used to buy a beautiful jumper and a heart shaped cake plate.  Gray's Auntie bought me a beautiful fur collar but the biggest surprise was yet to come... I had told Gray's family to get me gift vouchers to make it easy on them as I know how hard I am to buy for and instead they all clubbed together and bought me my dream present... a kitchenaid mixer! O-M-Bloody-G!! It's both my Christmas and birthday present from all of them and Gray but is still incredibly generous and the same colour as the one in this wishlist post - see wishlists are worth doing!

A big thank you to Char for my book clutch, Gem for the nail goodies and my secret santa for the cupcake bits - I love them all!

I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas and have been well and truly spoilt :)



  1. So jealous of your Kitchenaid! Sounds like you had an amazing day x

  2. Wonderful, amazing gifts. :) I love the Kitchenaid! No wonder it's your dream colour too - perfect beyond words. :) thank you for sharing dear. XOXO

  3. Happy Christmas! Love your kigu :) xx

  4. your nails will match your Kitchenaid now! woo xx

  5. I got a Kitchenaid too! Aren't they just wonderful :D


  6. Wow! Amazing Kitchenaid! I got a Kenwood Chef last year for my Birthday from my fiance's side of the family - best present ever!
    The Life of Emily-Alice


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