Saturday, 15 December 2012

Cake Cake Cake!

Dotcomgiftshop offered me an item to review so I opted for this very handy and very cool looking three story cake tin.  You'll have to excuse the overcooked victoria sponge, it was intended as the cutting cake for the recent wedding I baked for but I accidently left it in the oven a bit too long.  It still tasted good and gave me an unneeded excuse to eat cake!  I baked another which can be seen in the bottom photos.  The tins are different depths which is really handy, the next two photos show the same cake to illustrate the different depths.

I think you'll agree it makes a great addition to my kitchen and has to be filled with cake at all times ;)



  1. YUM! The cake looks so pretty and would make a lovely gift for someone. xx

  2. I just bought this cake stand today :) it's so cute


  3. Shouldnt have shown me a post about cake afer i just ate 4 brownies! haha.
    Love your blog xx

  4. I love them, very retro :) Cake looks amazing too - I can never be bothered to decorate anything nicely after I've slaved over the hot stove baking the thing!


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