Friday, 2 November 2012

Ying Yang

You may recognise this dress from my bloggers crush wishlist post.  The wonderful French Connection gifted me the dress for review, amazing.  It is everything I hoped it would be, the fabric is lovely and heavy and the skirt is wonderfully swishy - the perfect combination.  I wore it out for dinner last weekend and my friend commented that it reminded her of the ying yang symbol, not just me then ;)

My wardrobe is slowly filling up with dresses with lovely sleeves.  At last! It's as if the high street has finally woken up and realised that some girls want a sleeve.  Hell some girls (ie me!) need a sleeve so they don't have to stick a cardigan on and cover up their new dress.  If you make a skater style dress and stick sleeves on it chances are I will buy it.  Next on my French Connection wishlist is this beauty, sparkly & with sleeves. Thank you!

First proper photos of my new hair colour, what do you guys think? I love it!   It's getting brighter each time and I am getting close to the colour I want to end up with.  I can't believe that I have managed to get this colour in just three trips to the hairdressers.  Quite an achievement when you look at how dark my naturally blonde hair was, that was a lot of dye to shift!

Necklace: H&M
Ankle Boots: Blink @ Spartoo*

Most of my shoes are not getting a look in at the moment, these boots are my most worn footwear, gracing my feet nearly every day!  They are so comfy and a worthy investment.  The bug necklace is from H&M and much nicer IRL than it looks on the website, not sure what all the colours are on the website, the stones all look the same to me!  They have a metallic sheen kinda like the models own beetle juice polishes, hope you know what I mean by that!

What plans do you have for the weekend? I am off for a cheeky Wagamamas and to see the Bond film tonight (never been a Bond fan so fingers crossed I don't fall asleep!), going to see fireworks and for tapas tomorrow and off for lunch with the parents on Sunday.  Will no doubt squeeze in a bit of shopping time too, hehe.  Whatever your plans, have a great one!


  1. I've never been a Bond fan either, but I'm turning into a bit of a Daniel Craig fan, so chances are I'll see the film at some point just to see him ;)
    Love the dress and that bug necklace is so cute. I want to find some ankle boots!

  2. This looks amazing on you, I love it and I definitely agree with sleeves, I've learned to not hate my arms purely so I can wear sleeveless things I like so when I find something I love with a sleeve it's always a wonderful day haha x

  3. This dress is so gorgeous. First saw it on Helen's blog. I love sleeves too, I hate how all the dresses I see are sleeveless - I like to cover up my horrible arms haha!

  4. I'm getting into a bit a of pattern - you wear skater dress, I post comment drooling over it :) but this one is just so perfect on you! I love the beetle necklace and am obsessed with all things sheeny so may have to check it out!

    I am totally with you on the sleeves front - a 3/4 sleeve is so flattering, why are they so hard to find?

    The French Connection dress is stunning - and will pop so amazingly with your hair (the shade is stunning, btw!)

    Another comment, another lot of effusive drooling and exclamation marks... Hope you're not getting bored of them! (I may have to use a thesaurus next time for alternative words for "coo").

    1. this looks perfect on you! I wish websites had an option to narrow dresses down to 'sleeves only' I only want to see the Bond film because Ben Whishaw is in it, swoon...

  5. You look lovely as always :) the dress is so pretty! I'm loving your hair colour too :) xx

  6. I love that dress (and your hair!) I went to see Skyfall on Wednesday, I'd never actually seen a Bond film before but I enjoyed it. xx

  7. AMEN to sleeves! I'm exactly the same - skater dress with sleeves is all I want these days.

    This looks lovely on you xx

  8. This dress is beautiful and you look gorgeous in it! I agree there are far too few sleeves in the shops! X

  9. Wow, that dress really is stunning! x


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