Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wednesday Wants

Apologies in advance for this weeks wishlist, I have been baking cupcakes and a cutting cake ready for a wedding and getting my hair re-coloured so haven't had much time to add text :(  Thankfully I had already done my research (that's what I tell Gray I am doing when I spend hours online shopping... shhhh!) and found some beauts to share this week!

I love the (p)leather and lace combo of this boohoo number.  Add a bit of gold detailing and I am sold!  So pretty yet so tough at the same time, perfect!

Dress: Boohoo

I've not bought anything from NW3 before and usually steer clear of knitted dresses but this one keeps calling out to me every time I check out the new arrivals on asos!  I love the shape and the cute pom pom detailing.

Dress: NW3 @ asos

Oooh look there is a velvet dress in my wishlist, now that's a surprise!! This Miss Selfridge number is such a simple but oh so flattering shape.  I shunned green before I was a ginge but am now drawn to it! Alex will be proud!

I have had a tough time choosing a pair of shoes this week.  There are SO many I want!!  I love how beautifully ugly these loafers are.  The gold stars make them dresser in my opinion and also make me want them even more... sigh.  I have a soft spot for ugly shoes.  Apart from creepers, too ugly for even me! 

Court Shoes: Shelly's @ Spartoo



  1. ooooooooh i do like the NW3 dress!looks so warm, cosy and stylish!im off to check it out on Asos :D

  2. I am proud indeed! Plus that is a very beautiful frock. Might have to nip into Miss Selfridge at the weekend and try it on. Avoiding all the size 4 teenagers that frequent the place, obviously...

  3. That green velvet dress - I am in love!! Have been after a green velvet dress for a while...
    Also love the boohoo one, so pretty! xx


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