Friday, 23 November 2012

Polka Dotty

I think I might just have found one of my Christmas party dresses.  It will come as no surprise that it's another Sugarhill Boutique purchase, haha.  I have added a touch of burgundy with my asos triangle necklace and Burgundy shoes.  I think I will have to hunt down some kind of funky tights to add a bit more interest, let me know if you seen any that will look fab.  I love the spots (obvs!) and the sheerness of parts of the dress.  The sweetheart 'cutout' is kinda revealing but kinda covered up at the same time which is exactly what I go for. 

Dress: Sugarhill Boutique
Necklace: asos
Court Shoes: Chie Mihara c/o Spartoo*

Have you had any luck tracking down your Christmas dresses yet?  Let me know what you've chosen, I'ld love to know!


  1. You look AMAZING!
    I love your dress :) Can't wait to see the new ones you get so that I can get them too with our £250 voucher haha xxx

  2. Oh this is lovely. I haven't given a lot of thought to Xmas dresses yet.

  3. This dress is gorgeous, I love the polka dots!

    Maria xxx

  4. This dress is gorgeous! I bought some black tights with gold sparkly polka dots on them from Primark today - they might go well with the dress, or would that be a bit too dotty? Hehe.
    I've seen a few Christmassy dresses I like but I think I'll end up wearing my one from last year to my work Xmas do - the black velvet polkadot skater dress from Topshop which everyone seems to have! Have only worn it once so may as well reuse and I do love it.
    Pheeew, long comment! x

  5. OOoooh I love it! Looks brilliant on you x

  6. I was eyeing this up on the website the other day too! I love it, but I have such short arms I worry the long sleeves will be too long.

  7. Sarah I'm in love. In love with your hair. Your Dress. Your Shoes. And just you in general.


  8. Wow ...such an amazing polka dot dress!I'm in love! <3



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