Saturday, 24 November 2012

Paper flowers

So today Gray and I are heading down to London to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, I cannot believe almost a year has passed already!  We don't really do presents as we would much rather spend the money on a weekend away and enjoy some quality time together.  I am so excited!!

To to mark the occasion I decided to purchase this set of cute school milk bottles complete with a little crate to put some of the paper flowers and felt hearts I made for our wedding day.  I was toying with the idea of making another papercut then realised we have pretty much run out of wall space!  I love how cute something so simple can look.  The milk bottles would look ace filled with pretty much anything to be honest.

I published a tutorial if you wanted to make some paper flowers of your own :) 



  1. Thats such a lovely decoration! The flowers look really cool, ill need to check out that tutorial! Xo

  2. dotcomgiftshop have lots of lovely little things like that. always get lots of presents from that site. Hope you and Gray are having fun in London xx

  3. Happy anniversary! Love the milk bottles, such a cute idea. xx


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