Tuesday, 27 November 2012

London Baby!

We had the most amazing time in London even if it was a little hectic!  Most of what we wanted to do revolved around food (no surprises there!) we even managed to find the time to fit in a bit of shopping ;)  Unfortunately the weather was not kind and left us looking like drowned rats for the majority of the weekend.  Given the choice I would choose a rain free wedding day and rainy anniversary's hands down every year though so no grumbling!!

We stayed at the Grange Hotel Tower Bridge which I highly recommend.  The room was clean and spacious and the view breathtaking (we were on the 13th floor!) We managed to book it as one of lastminute.com's top secret hotels... they are not that secret as there are usually a few clues to work out which hotel you are going to end up with, haha.  We went to see Loserville which again I recommend, neither of us have seen many musicals in recent years and this one broke us in gently.  Gray really wants to go and see Wicked now and I quite fancy Matilda.

We found time to eat at Bryon, Wahaca, Meat Market and Ed's Diner.  My favourite was defo Wahaca and Gray's Meat Market although he didn't really like the settings.  I've had my fill of junk for a while, think I need to live on just veggies for the rest of the week!! 

We also paid a trip to the Ice Bar, it's the UK's only permanent ice bar and is a constant -5 to -7 all year round.  It was quite novel and we enjoyed the experience but it's definitely something you only do once.  Felt lovely and toasty after stepping outside that's for sure!

We had such a good time though I would be lying if I didn't say it was great to get home and put our feet up with a nice cup of tea! I love London for a visit but could never live there, it's exhausting!!

I'm back to London next Saturday to see Viva Forever the Spice Girls musical with my girls... wonder if I can squeeze in some shopping then to?!  



  1. Every time I go to London I proclaim that I want to live there. But I would probably get bored of it in no time at all...
    Looks as though you had a lovely time, though- happy anniversary to you both ;) X

  2. The musicals in London are seriously amazing. I've seen both Matilda and Wicked (4 times whoops!) and would highly, highly recommend, you will not be disappointed! Lastminute.com do great prices on tickets during their many theatre sales also. I'm going to do a post on Wicked this week!


  3. GO AND SEE WICKED! Can I come? Will sit in the middle of you and Gray and annoy you. I sing along to all of the words and cry when they do Defing Gravity ;) I really want a burger now :( xx

  4. I've managed to get two of the Grange hotels (Tower Bridge and St Paul's) through the Last Minute Top Secret thing. LOVE IT. I went to Meat Market on Sunday. If only I'd seen your pretty face! xx

  5. Looks like you had a great time! That ice bar looks amazing. I've done last minutes secret hotels before and ended up with the Sherlock Holmes hotel on Baker st in London. Not bad at all :) x

  6. Ahh, I'm jealous that you're going to see Spice Girls the musical! I'd definitely recommend Matilda though, I went to London to see it in the summer and it was fab! x

  7. Great photos! Life isn't quite so exciting when you live there all the time :)

  8. It looks like you had a lovely time. I went to see Wicked for my 21st and I can't recommend it enough, it was so good! xx


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