Saturday, 17 November 2012

I've Got A Crush On You!

Oh crushed velvet wonder welcome to my wardrobe!  Nothing warms my heart like a pretty velvet dress on a cold day.  Thankfully I have been inside for most of it although when I did venture out of the warmth I spied a newspaper headline telling me that we're in for the coldest winter in 100 years.  Oh no please be wrong!!  I don't mind it being cold and snowing when I have a full fridge and don't need to leave the house, it's fun it sit and snuggle on the sofa watching snow falling whilst being all toasty warm drinking hot chocolate.  It is not fun to do normal stuff with a bright red nose and no feeling in your hands.  We are celebrating our first anniversary in London next weekend so if it's gonna be baltic please wait til the week after!!

Sorry about the angle of these photos, not sure what was going on with my tripod it just wasn't playing fair today.  This jumper is getting so much wear right now, it's snuggly whilst still looking quite dressy and easy to wear over a dress.  I wore this outfit for a bit of bowling for my 3 year old neices birthday.  I only managed to break one nail and predictably came last in both games.  Did I mention that I really don't enjoy bowling?! Haha.

 Dress: Apricot
Necklace: asos
Boots: Shelikes*

How beautiful are these studded boots from Shelikes?!  If you haven't paid them a visit before what are you waiting for?! They are offering a nice 20% off discount code to treat yourself with, happy shopping! I've got my eye on this dress, this jumper and this jacket.



  1. Ooh those boots are amazing! I can't decide on crushed velvet, I wore a lot of it as a teen in the 90s but that dress does look lovely on you! Have you seen this one? it's IRIDESCENT dark green. I think you have to get it! (plus it has sleeves!)

    1. That is amazing!! I love it. I know what you mean about crushed velvet as I wore it in the 90s too! I avoided it for a good few years but have fallen back in love with it this season :)

  2. Great outfit!Love the studded boots! :)


  3. Those boots! I want them even though they are probably abit high for lots of walking for me, I might just have to!

  4. That jumper looks so warm! And I love the velvet :) I don't mind it being cold this winter. I recently lost my job so no more commuting by car for me! Can actually enjoy the snow this year :) x

  5. Oh, I love a good velvet dress too! Love the boots! Looks great!

    Lynn Dylan

  6. oh god, those boots are amazing! I love the rest of the outfit too :) x

  7. Man I love velvet! You look lovely, hope the bowling wasn't too stressful ;)

    Maria xxx


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