Monday, 12 November 2012

Hungry Like The Wolf

Another outfit post, another Sugarhill Boutique dress.  I adore the howling wolf print and of course it ticks off another animal in the #wardrobezoo list so it's a double winner in my eyes.  I am loving blue with my hair right now, it's such fun playing with a totally different colour palette.  I've only worn pink once since I changed colours, guess that could also be down to the change in season too but whatever it is I am not missing the pink!

It seems that every Thursday Sugarhill Boutique release a mini collection of clothing so currently every Thursday I am buying at least one new dress, damn them!  I now need this one and this one!  I also love this one but it just won't work with my hair :(

Necklace: H&M

I'm wearing my blue and black shoes again, really wish they came out better in my (rubbish) photos.  One day I might be brave enough to venture outdoors for a few photos, most likely not though! Far too self conscious for that business. 



  1. You look lovely, and looking very trim Mrs! Sugarhill Boutique do have some really lovely dresses, love their Oh Deer dress, have you ticked that one off #wardrobezoo? xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  2. Sugarhill mad you are! Miss you xx

  3. oh sugarhill dresses are lovely. and your wardrobe is tooo Sarah!x

  4. Sarah you look a beaut, but then again you always look gorgeous in your plethora of dresses!


  5. The blue colour looks amazing against your hair colour!

  6. This print is so cute, I love the colour with your hair!

    Maria xxx

  7. Super cute dress!!!

    Hattie xx @peppermintplace


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