Tuesday, 6 November 2012

GHD Cherry Blossom Hair Straighteners Review

Pink Cherry Blossom Hair Straighteners* £129 with £10 going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer

My hair is naturally poker straight so I am lucky that I don't have to spend hours battling with straighteners to end up with the sleek bob look I usually aim for.  This doesn't mean that I don't need to use straighteners to help me get this look and I want to use a great quality pair to minimise the potential heat damage to those delicate ends.

My old straighteners are Mark 3 GHD's and about 7 years old.  They still work despite me having left them on all day several times (don't tell my husband!) but after trying out these beauties I can confirm that they have definitely seen better days... I have used them daily over the last 7 years which made them well worth the investment, works out to under 5p a day! Fantastic value.  They really are the best hair straighteners.

The styling of these limited edition straighteners is just perfect.  I love the girlie pink plates and the subtle glossy polka dots.  I absolutely adore the heat resistant storage bag that they come in, I love the cherry blossom embroidery - it's so pretty!  My favourite thing about these straighteners is they turn themselves off after 30 minutes, no more worrying that I have left them on and no more discoloured paint work when I find out I have... ha!  They beep to let you know when they are ready for use and the power indicator has even been given a pink make over with a light up GHD logo.

Of course though the best thing about these straighteners is for every pair purchased £10 goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  GHD have raised almost £6 million for Breakthrough Breast Cancer over the last 9 years, that's something to be very proud of!

This is how my hair looks each morning after I have washed and dried it.  As you can see it is mostly totally straight with a few sticky out bits that need tackling.  I use my GHD's to turn the ends under and generally smooth my hair down so it doesn't sit quite so straight.  Once finished I add a touch of serum to the ends and a bit of hairspray and voila!

The straighteners heat up so quickly, quicker than my morning brain can function! They glide through my hair and within a minute or so the ends are all turned under and I am finished.  GHD are known for making the best hair straighteners and I am not going to be arguing with that - I can't fault them!

*The GHD's have been gifted to me for review.  I added the £10 that would have gone to charity if they had of been purchased to my #TBBCAR donation, no one wants a charity to lose out now do they?!


  1. Your hair looks super glossy here, definitely the best straighteners to use if you want smooth locks!

    Maria xxx

  2. The color of your hair is amazing.

  3. Best I have ever used is the Karmin


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