Thursday, 8 November 2012

Christmas Stocking Tutorial

A simple little tutorial for you today if you fancy getting your craft on and making some cute stockings.  You can make them bigger if you like and know you're going to get lots of big pressies ;)

You will need:
2 x Fat Quarters worth of fabric
A Cute Trimming
Tracing Paper
Needle & Thread / Sewing Machine

Draw and cut out a stocking shape from the tracing paper

Fold the fabric so the outsides are together.  Cut out around the tracing paper adding at least half an inch the whole way round.  Leave the tracing paper attached and sew just outside the line.  I hand stitched mine using a back stitch for strength.   

Once you have finished sewing turn the stocking inside out.  Fold the excess fabric at the top of the stocking inside and sew on the trim.  Now it's ready for stuffing pressies inside!  Have you made your Christmas wishlist yet?


  1. Ahh, love it. I'm not even a Christmas fan but I may make some of these for the guides' xmas presents.

  2. This is amazing! I have loads of that Pom pom trim so I'll definitely be doing this! x

  3. This is so fun, I love it! Love the trim especially. I think I might be able to manage this but I would be worried about it coming out like that terrible house I made! xo

  4. Such a good idea, and it's given me loads of inspiration :D thanks!

  5. Aww, this is so simple! Brilliant x

  6. this may have finally pushed me to get a sewing machine. These are gorgeous and don't sound too difficult to make - although I'm sure I'd manage to prove that wrong!

  7. Love it! I love anything crafty so this is lovely! x

  8. I love the fact that this is so simple but looks amazing (: xx


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