Saturday, 3 November 2012

Broadway Real Life Nails Review

The lovely Liloo asked if I would write about the false nails I wear.  False nails always seem to attract interest and tbh I cannot imagine actually painting my real nails anymore, I would definitely have lost the skills not to paint my fingers at the same time!!  You can get false nails in loads of colours and styles these days but my favourites are still ones you can paint yourself.  I wear Broadway Real Life nails in short, they are pretty cheap at £4.40 a pack and I get at least 3 full sets from a box.

They are so simple to use.  You just select the correct size and give them a couple of coats.  I usually finish with a top coat and you can add nail art to your hearts content.  I paint them the day before I want to wear them so they have had time to fully dry and do not get finger prints on them when I apply them.  I use the nail glue they come with, I have tried the sticky pads and they are crap so don't waste your money.  I carry a tube of the glue around with me in case a nail flicks off ;)

Liloo asked if they damage my nails so I thought I would share a not so pretty photo!  I keep my nails really short and they have damaged my nails somewhat.  I have been wearing them daily for at least 6 months and I don't take them off correctly.  I quite like biting them off which is BAD so don't do it!!  If I buffed my nails most of the visible damage would be gone but I imagine they would be quite weak.  Wearing them just for a special occasion didn't damage my nails before.

Once you've glued the nails in place you just need to remove the little tabs and slightly file the tip. 

And the end result! Falsies are always glossier in my opinion.  They last about 5 days before I change them as they start to show signs of wear.  I am a bit of a perfectionist though so you could get up to 7 days wear from a set.  I usually have to glue one or two back on in this time.  The best bits about falsies is they do not chip!! I have lost count of the number of times I have spent hours painting my nails to end up with a couple of chips after an hour, not cool.

Are you a fan of falsies?  Any brands or colours you really love?


  1. These nails look lovely, I use the boots own brand set when I wear falsies, the one that comes with lots and lots of nails. The glue is rubbish but I actually love the sticky gel like tabs you can get, they dont damage my nails at all! xo

  2. They look great and really natural on your hand. I'd love to try falsies for the no chip effect but my natural nails are quite long and i'd have to cut them down alot! xx

  3. I'm not a big fan of fake nails but I gotta say that you make them look awesome. And it's a way to look always polished and without any chips.

    Loving this gorgeous blog! I'm your newest follower!


    1. I try to only wear them for a couple of weeks at a time because my nails underneath get so thin. Your nails always look lovely x

  4. Ooh, these look really good. I've never worn falsies, but I always associate them with glamour. My great-aunt always wears them, and I have vivid memories of holidaying with her as a child and her always handing the boys things to open and saying, "I can't, darling, my nails."

  5. I would never have thought your nails were the press on variety. YOu are the second person to suggest them in recent months. I may have to check them out!!

  6. I am about 10 years late in commenting on this. Oopsie :/ I can't tell you how useful this post is to me. I am such a newbie when it comes to fake nails. These broadway ones look so natural. Most of all i like the fuss free thing to paint them the night before or something. I always end up smudging mine before they are fully dry! xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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