Monday, 19 November 2012

Across The Miles...

Celebrations this Christmas are going to be a bit subdued for me and my besties.  The noisiest cheekiest of us has moved to Korea for 18 months :(  Who is going to sing in the taxi drivers face this year?!  Who is going to join me on the shots on Christmas Eve?!  I am feeling quite sad as I type this.  It's also her 30th Birthday in December and I am gutted I won't be with her to help celebrate in style.  Nic Nac we miss you so much.

The Christmas Stocking had a dual purpose, as well as enabling a tutorial I wanted it to send to Nicola so she has a little bit of home on Christmas day.  My sister and I have bought pressies to fill it with ready to post across the sea, we've had to be very prepared this year as it's got quite a journey to make.  If you're looking to send a parcel overseas make sure you check out the Parcelforce Christmas sending dates.

Gift wrap from Sainsburys

I cannot wait for her to receive it, it's filled full of items I know she will love!  I wish I could bake her a birthday cake and have a drink or three but unfortunately this is the best I can do this year.  Skype on Christmas day it is!

I have also been an eager beaver and bought my Secret Santa pressie already!  I want to send this off now but am worried that the recipient will know it's from me straight way as I am guessing not many others are ready to send yet!  I got lucky in the Secret Santa draw, I got a friend so knew exactly what to get her and I am sure she is going to love it!  I love buying pressies, much more so than receiving them :)

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  1. Aw that's such a fab stocking. I really need to get a move on with my xmas post. So disorganised this year !

  2. you style of writing is beautiful and I adore your blog!

    If you can would you take a minute to check out my blog (I only recently started and could use some advice on how to improve it).

    keep up the great work x

  3. Ah that's a really lovely idea. Bet she appreciates it hugely - it must be weird being so far from home for Christmas!

    I've bought one of my Secret Santa presents so far. Still no ideas for the other one though! I need to get myself into Christmas mode sharpish.

  4. Aww, I love this - that is such a sweet, lovely idea! Your friend will love it, I'm sure. My best friend is currently having the time of her life in Oz, however she will be coming home soon - I'm so glad she will be back for Christmas, have missed her so much! So I know how you are feeling, but I hope you get to skype her :) xx

  5. That's so thoughtful Sarah! I love the wrapping too, can't wait to start wrapping my gifts and getting all festive.


  6. Oh i love this! I have just spent a very long and expensive night in a korean hospital so coming out to read this was just what i needed...missing you guys more than ever but super excited for my pressies. Love you xxxxx

    1. Oh no Nic! What have you done? Will message you.

      We miss you lots & Christmas will not be the same with out you :(

      Love you xx


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