Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Little Request...

Brands - I have a little request for you.

I love dresses with sleeves. Not of the bodycon variety (I am sure it's fairly obvious why I don't do bodycon!) but pretty skater dresses with sleeves.  I don't mind if the sleeves are long or 3/4 length just past my elbows please.  Now, you have started to listen and started to make lots of beautiful dresses with sleeves and for this I thank you.  I just need you to do one more thing for me. That is to add a filter to your website so I can easily find the pretties I want to spend my money on.  I am sure you will want to make it easier for me to part with my hard earned cash on your site.

Thank you asos for already thinking of this and introducing a sleeve length filter you have made my online browsing much happier (and quicker!)  I can now quickly filter to the skater dresses WITH SLEEVES and pop lots of loveliness in my basket.  Perfect.

Now I am rubbish with HTML and website building so thankfully you all have experts to turn to.  I am sure it's not that difficult for them to do and won't cost you much.

If anyone fancies treating me to a pretty new dress I will have the green sequin one above please :)


  1. I'm exactlyyyyy the same as you and after seeing a page of beautiful skater skirts with no sleeves I just tend to give up.

    Brands, do as this woman says!!!
    Gemma x

  2. Your speak words of wisdom here.
    Wise words!


  3. Agree 100%. Also if they could add a similar filter for "you can't wear a bra with this" then I could stop falling in love with dresses before finding out they have no back! :)

  4. I agree, I love dresses with sleeves!However I hate that at the moment most dresses with sleeves are backless: why???!!!

  5. I was thinking of this the other day when I was looking for dresses with sleeves! Great post Sarah! xo

  6. I agree! I don't love really long sleeves but I really don't like sleeveless things - 3/4 length all the way!

  7. I'm a particular fan of the 3/4 sleeve as I have mighty fine wrists, if I do say so myself. ha :)

  8. The one on the top right with the cut out bits - Perfect! I jusy found a lovely velvet skater in New look they have it in a few colours andonly 16.99 bragain xx

  9. I only ever buy skater dresses and i hate sleeveless ones, luckily I have an arsenal of cardigans for any sleeveless occasions. I'm definitely with you on the sleeve front. ASOS have some great sleeved dresses. I have trouble finding decent midi length ones for work anywhere else but ASOS. BooHoo is a nightmare for a decent sleeved dress that isn't inappropriately short :)


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