Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My Life Through A Lense

You may not realise but I have been cursed with poor vision.  It started when I was in my early twenties and I noticed that I couldn't quite read that poster and couldn't quite make out that silhouette in the distance.  I had my eyes tested and found I needed glasses, I was pretty excited about this as stupidly I always wanted glasses as a kid.  I wore glasses for a good few years until I realised I had become 'the girl with the glasses'.  They were pretty distinctive glasses I suppose, it was around 1999 and way before geek glasses and plastic frames became cool, but even so I didn't like the label. 

So I went and got myself some contact lenses.  Even though I was pretty squeamish over sticking my fingers in my eyes I loved them from the first moment I managed to put them in my eyes.  I started off with monthly disposables but after a few too many nights on the town getting home late and being too drunk lazy to clean them correctly I started to get a bit worried about eye health and switched to daily disposables.  No solutions, no cleaning, no chance of infecting my eyes.  They seemed to be the perfect solution.

I then had an unfortunate bought of iritis (in both eyes at the same time, ouch!) caused by overwearing my lenses.  Not good!  I was wearing my lenses on average for 18 hours a day,  from the moment I woke up to being the last thing I did before I went to sleep.  I was forced back into wearing glasses for a minimum of three months whilst my poor eyes recovered.  At this time I considered laser eye surgery but am a big wuss so talked myself out of it.  Never google laser eye surgery if you are actually considering it and if you do don't read the horror stories that are most likely made up, out of date or just exaggerated.  It can really put a girl off!  I have since met several people who have had it and found it life changing in the best possible way.  The cost of laser eye surgery also put me off but it has come down so much in recent years and now my prescription has settled down I am seriously reconsidering it and want to know more from people who have had it.

So I need your help and advice.  If you have had laser surgery please let me know, I want to know about the process from real people.  How did you choose a laser clinic?  Did you opt for Lasek or Lasik eye surgery?  Any other information you think will be useful will be gratefully received.  I dream of the day I wake up, open my eyes and can see clearly again!  And don't suggest those silly contact lenses you can wear non stop for a month... they didn't even last a week in my eyes before they threw a wobbly :(  Not even a cute pair of Ray Ban prescription glasses can tempt me back to glasses!

*this post is in collaboration with Ultralase*


  1. Honestly, when I was at school I really really wanted glasses. I went for an eye test a couple of weeks ago for the first time in years and apparently will need them before long :/
    I don't think I'd want laser eye surgery though.

  2. I had a friend who enquired about having it done, one type is about 3000, the other about 7000, (lasik, lasek I don't remember which but they needed the most expensive one) She was told that sometimes, in some cases it doesn't correct the sight fully, but in a lot of cases it does. And also that with age, your eyes still deteriorate so may still need reading glasses, it doesn't fix the eyes aging process.
    She decided against it. Having said that I've heard many good stories about it.

    Hope this helps x

  3. I need to keep an eye on this psot! (no pun intended)

    I have been wearing glasses since I was only 2 years old, and then contacts from 16. I have been forced to wear my glasses all day for work as looking at a screen all day with my contacts was not good! I now wear my contacts most weekends or if I go out for an evening. I find they get dry so quickly and if I feel tired my eyes get so itchy and uncomfortable.

    I keep saying I need to get laser eye surgery (to be honest i'm not even sure I can actually get it with my precription) as it really would change my life. A few of my friends have had it done and it really sounds amazing.

    The cost puts me off too and I probably couldn't afford a monthly payment right now - but the cost of contacts and glasses and eyetests all together is loads too!

  4. I had lasek in April this year and you can read all about it on my blog!

    I was told I should have lasek because I have thin corneas apparently. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it changed me life. Its the best money I have ever, ever, ever spent. When you think what people pay for a boob job, around £2k for the gift of perfect visions is actually a bargain!

    My boyfriend got his eyes done at the same time as me (literally the same day, 5 minutes apart from each other) and he had lasik because the recovery time was less & his corneas were nice and fat :-) DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

    We had our surgery with Optimax at their Glasgow clinic. x

  5. I am SO HAPPY you have mentioned the good AND bad points of contact lenses. And admit to not cleaning them etc. It's crazy how many people think they can just stick a dirty lens in their eye for a week and get away with it!!

    (Guess whos the contact lens supervisor/geek at work eh? haha unfortunately I'm not too clued up on laser, sorry i can't help there!)


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