Friday, 12 October 2012

Stud Lovin'

Another post starting YAY IT'S FRIDAY!! Wooooooo! haha.  This week hasn't been that bad tbh if you ignore the unfortunate incident with my old iPhone last night :(  Sob.  Anyway moving onto this little beauty from Missguided.  The stock photos look burgundy and the dress looks burgundy on their website but mine is most definitely red.  And I love it!  It comes up a big so don't worry about upsizing like I did to prevent gaping buttons as that won't happen.  I love the cute gold buttons and the spikey studs on both the collar and cuffs too.  I teamed the dress with my current favourite shoes, my Blink ankle boots.  Big thanks to Lauren for rescuing one of the tassles for me! haha.

Dress: Missguided
Ankle Boots: Blink c/o Spartoo*

I am in the middle of planning a halloween outfit for #lookscary, link me to any amazing outfits you've seen/worn please.  I am so terrible at fancy dress and need to make a bit of an effort ;)



  1. I Like it. Its a lovely flash of colour for winter x

  2. Gorgeous dress. You hair is sleek perfection <3

    le fresne x

  3. Wow red is so your colour Sarah!

  4. This really suits you. When I first dyed my hair red I avoided wearing red by now I love it and definitely need more of it in my wardrobe. X

  5. Very cute. So gorgeous. I like your dress so much. On the read you look so gorgeous.
    cheap dresses


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