Friday, 5 October 2012

Golden Crosses


This week has been the longest ever but that's okay cos it's Friday and I have that Friday feeling :)  Cannot wait for a lie in, a few leisurely lunches and a little trip to the cinema.  I am really looking forward to seeing Taken 2.  If you have seen it please just tell me it's amazing, I will be gutted if it ruins the first one for me.  Such a good film.

This is what I wore yesterday.  I spied this New Look dress and knew I had to make it mine.  I have various chiffon dresses but I hadn't been able to find a black one anywhere.  I love the little bead crosses too, they add a nice bit of detail.  I managed to sneak burgundy into this outfit too with some coloured tights.  I have about 100 pairs in various colours but only ever wear black, think it's about time I dug some colours out and gave my legs something to smile about.  I have been wearing these boots loads since they arrived, I wasn't sure about the studs being silver but I cannot even see them when they are on my feet and I am a sucker for a comfy pair of shoes.

Dress: New Look
Lace Top: H&M
Ankle Boots: Blink @ Spartoo*

Keep an eye out for my The Bloggers Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle post over the weekend, it's such a worthy cause and I need as much help as you can offer.  If you want to read more about it read Sarah's posts here.



  1. So purty! Stuck in (generally vile) maternity clothes at the moment.Rx

  2. I never wear coloured tights, but I've got a navy and grey pair somewhere which I might dig out over the weekend and wear with a jersey dress. Will see what I can do about raffle prizes xx

  3. I really like it! Love the lace arms xx

  4. I am so happy it's Friday!! That is such a pretty dress - love anything with lace. Also you can pull off coloured tights so well - I am not sure they'd suit me!

  5. Oh I remember seeing your 'looking down at my feet' pic on Instagram and thinking what a nice dress you must be wearing!!


  6. This dress is lovely, I adore the lace sleeves!

    Maria xxx

  7. love the red tights! please will you do a guide on tights? this is my problem: i was put off by wearing tights since i was 10: it was the first time i came in the northern hemisphere, it was snowing, and they made me wear kids (obviously) tights which crotch arrived in the middle of my tights. how do you choose tights for day wear? which denier should I use? how to know the crotch is not going to be half way down your tights after 2 hours of wear. xx
    any post on the subject would be mostly appreciated, or even a post on your most repurchased pair of day or night tights
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  8. I love the detail on this dress, I haven't pottered around New Look in a while but I think I may have too now. Really like the colour you've added with the tights too! (please post EVERY PAIR OF TIGHTS YOU OWN - I jest)


  9. You look stunning! That dress really suits you and all the detailing looks amazing! Plus the tights pull it all together and breaks up the black. Looks so good! haha.


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