Monday, 1 October 2012

Burgundy Crush

I am loving burgundy right now so when I finally decided I had to get on and make this dahlia dress mine I couldn't wait for it to arrive and to wear it.  Unfortunately these photos are not that flattering, I promise the fit is nicer IRL.  Is it wrong that I want every single item I see in burgundy?! I love the way the colour works with my new hair... easily pleased!

Dress: Dahlia
Court Shoes: Betty London c/o Spartoo*

I noticed whilst wearing this dress at the weekend that one of the studs in the collar is slightly out of pattern which is not good for my ocd of everything in it's place! Will have to remove, realign and reglue the pesky awol stud, ha! 

Sorry for the photo of the heel grips! I can't keep these shoes on my feet without them :(  BUT with them they are so comfy for work and I can wear them all day without my feet feeling like they are going to fall off! Why oh why can I no longer wear skyscraper heels?



  1. Adore the colour too! The closest I've got is some wine coloured maternity jeans! Not a chic as this dress but at least a nod in the right direction to this season's colour!Rx

  2. im in love with burgundy too, and seem to be drawn to it in every shop!lol!
    i fear my blog may just turn into a mass of burgundy outfits lol!
    this dress is gorgeous, the collar is so pretty! xx

  3. Burgundy and british racing green are my two favourite colours. Classics :) The collar and cuffs on this dress are just gorgeous! x

  4. I love burgundy, it's such a perfect shade for that time of year when the wetaher is turning colder. Annoying about the stud, though - in my house that would sit in the 'to be mended' pile for an absolute age.

  5. Haha, I'm totally with you on the stud realignment. It would niggle at me everytime I looked in the mirror otherwise!

    Wish I could wear burgundy :(

  6. LOVE this colour on you, it looks great with your hair :)

    Maria xxx

  7. Ooh the shoes are cute! Love a lower heel. x

  8. Love the colour! I want everything this colour too! Especially this time of year! xo


  9. this looked lovely on you, that stud would bother me too. I have shoe with a wonky stud on and I keep looking at it, very annoying! xx

  10. I love this dress. I've looked at it a few times online and Im very tempted. Just wondered what you are using on your eye brows because they tone in perfectly with your hair. x

    1. It's the same eyebrow pencil I used when both blonde and brunette too, must be a miracle worker!! It's the Chanel eyebrow pencil in shade 30 :)

  11. Sarah this dress looked absolutely gorgeous on you!

  12. Love burgundy too, it's so lovely for autumn and the dress is gorgeous x


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