Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday Wants

Short and sweet this week, I am under the weather and trying to fight it off so it doesn't interfere with my very exciting weekend plans!! The first signs of autumn have me dreaming about dressing up and as it isn't quite yet sequin season these pretty prom dresses are going to have to tide me over.  I love all things leopard print and this little number from the Kelly Brook range at New Look is just perfect.  The sweetheart necklines on both dresses is so flattering and either dress teamed with these gorgeous red shoes will be a winner.  More bows on shoes, I think I might have a problem!

Dress: asos

Court Shoes: Blink @ Spartoo

Any pretty dresses caught your eye this week?



  1. I love all these things!! What are your exciting weekend plans? xxx

  2. Love the ASOS dress, and those shoes! x

  3. looooove the Kelly Brook one!

  4. Both of those dresses are the perfect shape, and I imagine really flattering! I'm intrigued, I want to hear your weekend plans? And I'd like you to make me a cake, please :) xx

  5. I love the new kelly brook range at New Look, there is some really flattering styles!

  6. Oooh the cut of both of those dresses is beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous choices as always Sarah - hope you feel better soon and have a great weekend!



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