Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday Wants

This weeks wishlist is all about texture!  One thing I love about autumn winter clothing is how opulent it usually is with luxe fabrics and textures playing a big part.  I haven't found a velvet dress worthy of wishlist status yet but have found these little gems.

This Dahlia brocade dress is just dreamy.  I love the muted jewel colours combined with the heavy fabric.  I love how it is styled over on but would personally team it with a pretty black chiffon blouse.

Dress: Dahlia

I have some tapestry shoes hidden in the depths of my wardrobe and always struggle with what to wear them with.  I love them but they just don't work with most of my dresses :(  This dress is practically the same pattern and I can just wear it with a pair of black shoes taking away my current dilemmas! Perfect.  Such a beautiful dress, sigh.

Dress: Nishe @ asos

It's hard to see from the photo but the fabric of this Topshop dress is a lovely thick rib.  The skirt looks really swishy too which is always a good thing!  I am so tempted to channel Sarah and live in little red dresses that match my new hair.

 Dress: Topshop

Dresses this pretty need simple shoes and these two tone boots fit that bill perfectly.   I can't stop browsing boots right now, am still hunting for my perfect pair but am not sure what I want.  Think I might have to make these my heeled boots so I am just looking for a flat pair and a going out pair... three new pairs is not excessive, right?!

Ankle Boots: Belmondo @ Spartoo

What are you lusting after right now?



  1. I bought the Nishe dress the other day - it is so beautiful but SHORT! xxx

  2. Ah I love that red dress and those boots are lovely, I bought some ankle boots recently and I am living in them at the moment!

    Maria xxx

  3. Both the Dahlia and Nishe dress are lovely, I've got my eye on another one on Dahlia which is a tapestry type material too, actually I just love all of their dresses, if only we had unlimited coin hey?! xx

  4. The niche dress is beautiful, I love the belt that goes with it. Xo

  5. That brocade dress is beaaaautiful! xo

  6. I love that niche dress. I'm seriously tempted! x


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