Sunday, 30 September 2012

Cake Club

I floated the idea of a Cake Club around on Twitter the other day and got a fair bit of interest so I thought I would explore it further, get some members and make it happen!  You don't need to be a blogger to take part as I know many of my lovely Twitter friends do not blog and I wouldn't want to exclude any cake lover.  Unfortunately because of logistics you do have to be in the UK.

I did think of doing something on a much smaller scale a few years ago and even went as far as buying some postage boxes from eBay but the whole actual posting of cakes bit put me off.  I sent a couple of trays of brownies recently as a thank you to the wonderful Echo Falls team and the fact that they arrived in one piece got me thinking again.  I mean everyone loves cake don't they!

Tray bakes and loaf type cakes are probably the easiest cakes to post.  For tray bakes I use disposable trays (which also saves on the washing up, result!)  You can probably get them in Poundland (don't have one near me) I usually buy them in either Asda or Lakeland.  The size you see below costs £2.40 for 6 and you can also get smaller trays which are 5 for £1.00 which would be great if you fancied sending a couple of different cakes.  For loafs I would bake using a paper liner.

These are the brownies I baked for Echo Falls:

Once they had cooled I added a layer of baking paper then covered them in cling film.

I then covered it in foil to keep the freshness in and add a little bit more protection.

Before popping them both into a postage box with a bit of bubble wrap.  I didn't plan this very well and got the only postage box I could find and I didn't have enough bubble wrap to pack the box correctly, the trays could easily move around in the box.  You can pick up cheap boxes on eBay.

I sent them first class using Royal Mail, they weighed about 2.5kg.  Again didn't really think this through too much, I wanted to send them Special Delivery but that was over £25 so I took a chance and paid just over £10.  I am pleased to say they arrived next day anyway and as you can see they are no more damaged than if I had wrapped them up to hand deliver! I have been told that ipostparcels are pretty good, they will collect from you and deliver next day from £6 (just don't tell them your sending cake!)

Right so how will this work?!  I have created a Cake Club page and all you need to do is leave a comment with your email address to be included.  If you have any dietary requirements please also state these and don't be put off from joining, baking for allergies is really easy these days and most standard recipes can be adapted.   Likewise if you really hate a flavour include that, no one wants to bake a cake the receiver won't like.  For the record I don't like lemon or coffee cake ;)

The first bake will be a trial to see how it all goes.  I will pair members up and then you just need to get your bake on!  If it all goes well we can then bake and post once a month and I will mix up the pairings so everyone gets to try a different bakers cake.

Sound good to you?! If you want to be part of the Cake Club click here.  If you've got any questions or suggestions then please post them on this post :)



  1. Those brownie look yummy :) Oh i be interested in a cake club, i think it a really good idea.

  2. Haha I bet they appreciated those! (Charlie works at the same agency as my sister - small world!)

    Cake Club is an exciting idea!!

  3. Those brownies were so amazing! They disappeared in about an hour!

  4. So exciting...Like the idea very much....


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