Monday, 10 September 2012

Blogger Crush Wishlist

I have a wishlist with a difference for you this week.  These are all dresses I have seen and thought 'yeah you're quite nice' until I have seen them worn by other bloggers and realised how much better they look on a person.  They are now high on my ever growing wishlist, reading blogs is not good for your bank balance!!

I really, really want this French Connection beauty.  I LOVE the bold design, it reminds me of a giant ying yang symbol! It's quite pricey but I imagine the fabric is lovely and heavy and from Becky's photo it hangs beautifully.  It's definitely something that you could wear year after year.

 Becky from Milk Bubble Tea in French Connection

Motel isn't a store I usually look at to be honest.  Motel makes me feel fat, I haven't tried any of their clothes on for a few years but I remember when I was a 10/12 not even being able to fit into a Motel large (size 14).  Their dresses are usually mostly bodycon too which is something pear shaped me will never be a fan of.  I did however spy this little gem in the Topshop new arrivals section and thought oooh pretty!  It has little sequins over it which you can't really see in the photos.  Spotting it on Liv totally sold me on it, I know she has the perfect figure but if it looks that good on her it will be at least kinda cute on me. 

Liv from What Olivia Did in Motel

This little cutie is basically this dress from last year with a collar added.  I had decided that I could just make my own collar and sew it onto one of my existing dresses (I have it in three colour ways) but after seeing it on Jazz I have fallen for it and now want it exactly as it comes and in my wardrobe now!  It's adorable!!

Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary in Topshop

Which bloggers have you been crushing on recently??

*all images reproduced with permission



  1. Cute dresses, I really like the 2nd 1!!!


  2. oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. love the ying and yang one and the last one, the topshop one! xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  3. Olivia's is my favorite, the lace detail and colour is so pretty!

    louisejoyb x

  4. Ahh Liv's figure is perfect, mind you they all have amazing figures, crushing on them too haha! LOVE the first dress, want it! x

  5. I'm just like you, see a dress I think is nice, then see it on a blogger and instantly want it! I love Liv and her blog, I haven't seen her wearing an outfit I don't like, I actually admitted to her on Twitter last week that I am stalking her, hope she doesn't mind!! xx

  6. Oooh love Olivia's dress! They all look fab :)

  7. I've just got the French Connection dress - it's lovely! Very weighty too, will be perfect for winter.

  8. That French Connection dress print is so bold and stand out, love it. The other two dresses are so pretty. Living 5 minutes from Westfield is going to seriously dent my purse...

  9. Love this type of post, can't wait to read more.

    Ria x

  10. You are FAR too kind Sarah- and damn girl it will look AMAZING on you xxx


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