Friday, 7 September 2012

Bestival Outfit Planning

I took these photos whilst trying to decide what on earth to take with me to Bestival.  Some of these made the cut and others have since been revised but it gives you a good idea of the kind of clothing I am taking and outfits I am hoping with me weather suitable! It's never easy to pack for outdoors in the UK is it?!

This is what I am going to travel in, I want to be comfy and love the way this little combo looks together.  Think I might swap the cardigan for a black one so I can pop it on with some of my other dresses if it gets a bit chilly. 

Cardigan: H&M  |  Bralet: New Look  |  Skirt: New Look

This is my tribute to Minnie Mouse outfit!  I have opted to mostly take easy to wear jersey dresses which (hopefully) do not crease too easily.  I really hate creases so not having any way to sort creases out I needed to make wise choices when packing.  It's not like I can even whip out my hair straighteners to sort out any last minute creases!! haha.

Dress: Topshop  |  Cardigan: Peacocks  |  Headband: Crown & Glory

I have already relegated this skirt to the not taking pile! It is maybe a touch too short in reality...  I have switched it for a leopard print dress and will wear it with the headband shown and throw on this amazing glittery tiger jumper when the sun goes down.  I think I am going to wear this on the main fancy dress day and hopefully someone can do some amazing leopard print face paint for me too?!

Jumper: Miss Selfridge  |  Headband: New Look  |  Skirt: River Island

Another little jersey dress this time jazzed up with a little fringed number from H&M.  Probably the most 'festival style' outfit of the lot and I love it!

Dress: Topshop  |  Vest: H&M

I bought this bear eared hoodie especially for the festival, it's lovely and warm and means I can hide my tired face and snuggle into the hood.  The scarf is massive and will come in really handy.

Scarf: Pieces @ asos  |  Hoodie: asos

I love this coat more than I should.  It really shouldn't appeal to me because of the shape of it but the handy little cords mean you can pull it in at the waist so don't loose your own waist underneath it all.  Of course it was the sleeves that made me want it.  I cannot get enough of (p)leather.  Also happens to look great with my hunters, who would have thought?!

Jacket: River Island

I am taking three pairs of shoes with me, my favourite boots, a pair or wellies and my old converse.  I am hoping to live in my favourite boots but really do not want to ruin them so if the ground is alright I will wear my old battered converse and if not I will slip my hunters on.  I am so thankful to Witch Skincare for gifting me these hunters, they are by far the comfiest wellies I have ever worn.

Smart Shoes: Emma Go c/o Spartoo*   |   Hunters: Witch Skincare*   |   Converse: Office

I will be instagramming my outfits (and no doubt those of the other lovely bloggers who are attending) so if you want to keep up with what we are up to the hashtag is #echofallsbestival
I want to say another big THANK YOU to Echo Falls for taking me to Bestival, so so amazing and I am incredibly honoured to have been asked :)


  1. Cute choices! I love the Minnie Mouse look. Have a blast at Bestival!

  2. Love all these outfits - especially the topshop dress with h&m vest! Hope you are having a great time!! And hope the weather holds out xxxx

  3. i loooove the ears!!! <3

    have the best time!

  4. Love the Minnie Mouse tribute ha! The glitter tiger jumper is adorable.
    I hope you all have an amazing time! xx

  5. You have some gorgeous outfits there :] I bet you will all have an amazingtime xx

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  7. Me encanto tu blog aca te dejo el mio capture the city

  8. I LOVE these outfits, especially the Minnie Mouse one!

    Maria xxx


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