Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday Wants

My biggest dilemma over the first dress in this weeks wishlist is which colour to choose! It comes in either cream or pink and I think the cream just edges it for me.  The fabric is really nice and quite different and obviously I love the pearl collar.  Stick a pretty collar on a dress and you can guarantee I will want it.

Dress: River Island

I am not sure what the print is on this Oasis dress but I like it!!  I like the elbow length sleeves and the cute swishy skirt so I have my eyes open looking for this beauty.

Dress: Oasis

The next item in this weeks wishlist is something I never thought I would ever, ever want... a pair of trousers!! Okay so I love them but would never personally wear them (damn thighs!) but they are far too pretty not to share with those who could pull them off.  All those sequins. Swoon.

Sequin Trousers: Missguided

I do love a cute t-bar and these shoes certainly fit the bill and would look great with either of the above dresses.  Ooooh t-bars and cute collars, I'm in heaven.  I love a patent finish too, only beaten by a bit of sparkle in my humble opinion.  Spartoo really have got me addicted to shoes again... maybe I might start wearing some of the 100+ pairs I already have rather than the 3 pairs I live in ;)  On a serious note I have so many skyscrapper shoes that I can only look at as I have lost the ability to walk in them.  This does make me sad but makes my feet happy.  I can feel the burn on the balls of my feet just thinking about some of them.

What's on your wishlist this week?



  1. I never shop in Oasis as I think their clothes always a bit long on my not-very-tall frame, but that dress is beautiful! x

    1. I can't even imaging what my legs would look like crammed into those trousers but I love them!

  2. I couldn't wear those trousers, but I love them. Also the shoes in the same photo are now on MY wishlist :)

  3. That river island dress is just beautiful. I think the sequin trousers will be one of those love-it-but-wouldn't-wear-it items for a good few people! Xo

  4. Oh Sarah why do you do this to me? I'm practically bankrupt because of you ;) I ADORE that River Island dress, especially the collar!! xx

  5. My favourite is the Oasis dress - so pretty, I love the shape :) x

  6. Definitely loving the first dress the most, and I reckon you should just get it in both colours. You can never have too many collared dresses!


  7. Oh my, that dress is so cute, the pearl collar is gorgeous. I'd get the pink, but then that's because in my head I am Barbie. Hehe.
    The t-bar shoes are lovely too, I'd like a pair like this to wear with my many dresses instead of my usual ballerinas! xx

    Fliss @ The Offbeat Girl
    The Offbeat Girl

  8. Gorgeous picks, as always!

    The Oasis dress has little Taj Mahals, trees and peacocks on it - I have a dress in the same print from last season. It is SO cute! (wore it a lot when I was planning my Indian wedding, how corny is that?) I prefer the shape of the one you picked though, typical! :/

  9. I absolutely love everything on your wishlist! The one I would definitely wear more is the Oasis dress but those trousers are gorgeous as well. Great picks!


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