Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday Wants

I cannot lie, the first dress may have the most amazing pattern and be the perfect shape but what attracted me to it most was the fact it will look AMAZING with my new shoes!! They are seriously the cutest thing ever and I just want to wear them continuously.  It also appears that I haven't bought much red since I lost weight and have already given my red lace dress to Gemma and my other old faithful to one of my besties (hey Dawn, that's you! Loves ya xx) So that means it needs to be mine, yes? (My willpower is very weak, it already is mine... hehe)

Dress: asos

I love this sequin dress from Warehouse.  It is pretty similar to the Topshop one I already own so definitely something I will wait and see if it hits the sales.  You can't tell from this photo but the sequins are actually a cute flower shape which makes it even more adorable in my book.

 Dress: Warehouse

This dress may not look like much but in the flesh it is gorgeous.  It has little triangles (look more like diamonds to me!) all over it.  They kinda remind me of those little savoury cracker snacks you get at Christmas.  You also can't see in the photo that it has a cute little collar.  Again I may have chosen this purely because it will look ace with those shoes ;)

Dress: Oasis

Talking of shoes I love these beauties and think they would look great with the Warehouse dress above.  I love the gold on them, makes them extra special.   Spartoo have so many gorgeous shoes right now.
Court Shoes: Chie Mihara c/o

What have you had your eye on recently?


  1. The very last dress is gorgeous. And if it goes with the shoes, surely you must buy it?! ;) xo

  2. Absolutely love the first dress from ASOS too! gorgeous!

  3. love those shoes, but they aren't really high enough for me.
    the flower sequins are so cute!

  4. I LOVE that Warehouse dress, it looks amazing!!

    Kitty xox

  5. Firstly, can you please keep losing weight and then you can start giving some of your clothes to me?! :)

    Secondly...I blame you for today's post! xx

  6. I always get lured in to these posts with your ability to never pick a dress I don't like. And once again i want all three! I think the last one's my favourite though, and if it has a collar I'm sold.


  7. omg, I love the first dree, I already ordered it and can't wait for it to arrive x

  8. Hi Sarah! I came across your blog at, I think, Dolly Clackett? Anyway, I have a huge dress addiction too. I am at the point where I am wondering about storage. What to do? Anyway, will follow your lovely blog!


    1. Hello Lynn,

      I have three wardrobes and lots of zip up storage on top of said wardrobes and under my bed... being to burst at the seams though. Should have a clear out but that is such an effort! How do you store yours?


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