Friday, 3 August 2012

Holiday Outfits

I promised to follow my first holiday post up with a holiday outfit post.  Most days were spent on the beach and wondering round pretty towns and then I changed to go to dinner after getting rid of all that sand and sunscreen.  You would all be so proud to know that I went barelegged the whole time I was there!! The cardigans didn't stay on long in the day as it was just too hot but were needed for the air conditioned car journey.  The evenings needed a cardigan but I was fine barelegged (and confident enough even though I felt like a whale, surprising hey!) Guess you lose a few inhibitions when you know there is no chance of bumping into anyone you know ;)

 Dress 1: Boohoo  Dress 2: Oasis
Dress 3: asos  Dress 4: Oasis

 Dress 1: New Look   Dress 2: Miss Selfridge
Dress 3: Boohoo   Dress 4: Miss Selfridge

Dress 1: Oasis   Dress 2: New Look
Dress 3: New Look   Dress 4: Topshop

Can't decide which is my favourite outfit, which one is yours?!  I also realised that as the mirror was on the door if I left it ajar you couldn't see the toilet, haha!


  1. Aww all lovely outfits :) love the polka dot dress...think that's my fave!

    I'm like you, try and avoid getting my legs out unless I'm on hol or it's really hot. xx

  2. Ohhh you got the Miss Selfridge dress I love - Lace on top, blue on the bottom! I never went for it in the end, I just looked too doll-like with blonde hair too haha, ah man! Its gorgeous! Also loving the polka dot one, but of course they're all fab!

    I'm the same on holiday, I tend to wear stuff a LOT shorter than at home 'cause there is nobody I know around, like you said haha, go crazy!

    I've posted a few of my holiday outfits too if ya wanna seeee!!

    Hope you're okay! s xx

  3. My fave has to be dress 4 on the 2nd lot of pics but you look great in what ever you wear! I know what you mean about inhabitions on holiday. LAst year in Crete it was so hot at night that when i made the mistake of going out at night in a maxi dress i ended up using a bobble to tie it loads shorter - classy yes?! x

  4. I can't decide, I love all of them, wish I could pull off those styles of dress but I just look daft in them. You look lovely as well :) xx

  5. i love all four dresses from 3rd set. beautiful selections :)

  6. Gorgeous dresses. I love the polka dot & lace ones, gorgeous and they really suit you! xx

  7. You look fab in all of them! Particularly love the Boohoo polka dot dresses and the Oasis red lace dress!

  8. I think the polka dot ones from Boohoo are my favourite, very Sixties and so so nice. Reminds me that I need to get a few more holiday things before I jet off (: xx

  9. You look lovely, so many pretty dresses! And yay for being barelegged too!

    Maria xxx

  10. love love love the polka dot dresses :)

  11. You look absolutely amazing in all of these, what a BABE! I adore the Miss Selfridge one with the lace and the blue, you look absolutely stunning! Bet that husband of yours was proud as punch walking around with you! X

  12. EVERYTHING looks so cute! I especially love you in polka dots.
    Mom Fitness Journal

  13. Love those Boohoo polka dot dresses! xo

  14. Gorgeous outfits and you look so smiley in all the photos, hope you had a great time!


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