Tuesday, 21 August 2012


You might have seen a few of my excited tweets... I am off to Bestival with a bunch of other fabulous bloggers thanks to Echo Falls.  How amazing is that?!  I am seriously SO excited.  I worked out that the last festival I went to was Reading back in 2002 where I decided I couldn't cope with tents, lack of showers and terrible festival food.  Or how expensive festival tickets are and that some festival tickets sell out before the line up is even announced.  The fact that we are arriving to ready pitched tents filled with airbeds and sleeping bags totally won me over... that and the Wagamama Lounge.  The food at Bestival is meant to be way above average and I am sure you all know by now I love nothing more than eating (except maybe buying pretty dresses).  Gray didn't want to go so I am taking my regular blogger roomie Gemma as my +1. Party times!!

Bestival has a fancy dress theme each year and this years is Wildlife.  I originally wanted to get one of these beauties:

But realised that if we do end up with an Indian summer (fingers crossed) I would most likely pass out with heat exhaustion... or just be a sweaty mess.  Neither of which is appealing.  So I have decided to wear my normal clothing and just accessorize with a few bits of animal headgear and maybe a bit of facepaint...

 Custom Minnie Mouse Ears: Crown and Glory

Panda Facinator & Bear Ears Hoodie: asos

Not quite sure how I am going to be wearing the fascinator yet, it's quite annoying as an actual headpiece but oh so cute.  Any other fancy dress suggestions?  I am up for wearing something wildlife each day :)

As I haven't been to a festival in like forever any tips and hints would be gratefully received!!  I think I have sorted out my festival wardrobe but again any help would be much appreciated, I don't wear shorts and it seems that's what most people live in for the weekend.  Have you been to Bestival before? If so what really is a must see? 


  1. Wow so jealous! What about a spot of leopard print?
    The Life of Emily-Alice

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  3. I love Bestival, anything goes really, you could see if you can find a safari or zoo keeper outfit - that would be funny for the day!! Failing that, maxi dresses etc
    Have fun xx

  4. I am so jealous that you're going to Bestival, Stevie wonder and Adam ant :( as far as festival wardrobe goes, just wear whatever, I'm sure you have enough dresses :)


  5. Ooh lucky you! I wish I was going, my friends all are but I just can't afford it. You'll have a fantastic time and it's a great lineup!


  6. Ok i'm now hooked on your blog, i have a panda Kigurumi and it's my festival favourite always good when the sun goes down. Have fun at bestival i'm sooo jealous i wanna go.

  7. I've never been to Bestival but I do got to Glastonbury every year. I don't wear shorts either and tend to live in leggings/tights with dresses that I don't care that much about, sequinned skirts with baggy tops or short dungarees! Take baby wipes. And bin bags. These are my two main pieces of advice! xx

  8. Ahh I am going to Bestival too, so jealous you get to go for free and in the fancy camping bit, shall have to make do with my polka dot tent ;) I am going as a Unicorn, white dress, tights and a wig with floral garland :) I went last year too and everybody really goes for the fancy dress day, I love it! You'll have an amazing time as it is such a pretty festival <3

  9. I really really want a dinosaur kigu. I just hope it arrives in time!

  10. So jealous, I miss festivals, although I have convinced the boy that we should go to Glasto next year. You could always wear a leopard print dress then just paint your face? That would be easy!

    Hope you have a great time, can't wait to see your posts after :)

    allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

  11. I'M SO JEALOUS. I really wanted to go to a festival this year but none of my friends are the festival type so I didn't get any tickets. You're all going to have an amazing time. If anyone doesn't want their ticket btw, I'm definitely free.....haha!


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