Friday, 31 August 2012

Autumn/Winter Most Wanted

If I could only buy three dresses this season it would be these.  They tick all of my boxes... cute collars, skater skirts and most importantly SLEEVES.  Thank the lord!  I honestly feel like I have died and gone to dress heaven.  I haven't yet made any of these mine but it will happen and they will be well worth the £200 required.  Sigh.

I only have one Sister Jane dress but I adore it.  I have loved every collection since they first came on my radar... unfortunately for me most of their dresses require you to have a flat stomach but not this one ;)  I love how it is just a little black dress but with a cutesy twist and detailing that make me love it even more, leather collar and cuffs and in a metallic tweed fabric.  Just beautiful.

Dress: Sister Jane

I was a massive fan of Dahlia 18 months ago but really haven't liked much of their last couple of collections and to be honest their prices have gotten quite over inflated.  This dress is £66 which is way more than it's worth but despite that I still need to own it.  I love the colour, the chiffon, the collar and cuff detail and the studs.  That's just about everything then!

 Dress: Dahlia

Sugarhill Boutique isn't a brand I follow that much to be honest.  I have a couple of their dresses from a few years ago which I wore to death but nothing else has really jumped out at me.  That is until this beauty. You might be noticing a pattern by now - contrasting cuffs and collars are very much top of my wishlist.  Love!

Dress: Sugarhill Boutique

Dresses this hot need a smoking pair of shoes and these shoe boots fit the bill perfectly.  I had some similar ones from asos a few years ago (with gold studs on them!) but unfortunately they ended up in my parents garage which had a leak and turned them mouldy. Sob! I still haven't gotten over that but these would totally take my mind off the terrible lose. hehe. 

Ankle Boots: House of Harlow c/o Spartoo

If you could buy just three dresses this season which ones would you choose?


  1. Replies
    1. love all of these picks and they all have sleeves wooo! Hate wearing cardigans to covermy arms, I always get too warm x

  2. Woww the Dahlia dress looks gorgeous! The colour is so right for A/W!

  3. I love the Sister Jane dress. x

  4. Damn you Sarah, there are so many nice things I want from sugarhill boutique now!

  5. I need the purple Dahlia dress in my life right now!

    Lovely Blog :)



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