Friday, 31 August 2012

Autumn/Winter Most Wanted

If I could only buy three dresses this season it would be these.  They tick all of my boxes... cute collars, skater skirts and most importantly SLEEVES.  Thank the lord!  I honestly feel like I have died and gone to dress heaven.  I haven't yet made any of these mine but it will happen and they will be well worth the £200 required.  Sigh.

I only have one Sister Jane dress but I adore it.  I have loved every collection since they first came on my radar... unfortunately for me most of their dresses require you to have a flat stomach but not this one ;)  I love how it is just a little black dress but with a cutesy twist and detailing that make me love it even more, leather collar and cuffs and in a metallic tweed fabric.  Just beautiful.

Dress: Sister Jane

I was a massive fan of Dahlia 18 months ago but really haven't liked much of their last couple of collections and to be honest their prices have gotten quite over inflated.  This dress is £66 which is way more than it's worth but despite that I still need to own it.  I love the colour, the chiffon, the collar and cuff detail and the studs.  That's just about everything then!

 Dress: Dahlia

Sugarhill Boutique isn't a brand I follow that much to be honest.  I have a couple of their dresses from a few years ago which I wore to death but nothing else has really jumped out at me.  That is until this beauty. You might be noticing a pattern by now - contrasting cuffs and collars are very much top of my wishlist.  Love!

Dress: Sugarhill Boutique

Dresses this hot need a smoking pair of shoes and these shoe boots fit the bill perfectly.  I had some similar ones from asos a few years ago (with gold studs on them!) but unfortunately they ended up in my parents garage which had a leak and turned them mouldy. Sob! I still haven't gotten over that but these would totally take my mind off the terrible lose. hehe. 

Ankle Boots: House of Harlow c/o Spartoo

If you could buy just three dresses this season which ones would you choose?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday Wants

This weeks wishlist is Bestival inspired!!  As I mentioned in my previous Bestival post I am going with a group of bloggers as a guest of Echo Falls as part of their Take A Moment campaign.  The Take A Moment campaign is all about people having spontaneous fun moments with friends and I strongly advise you to keep an eye on their facebook page this week if you fancy winning tickets ;)  So, so excited!

I have decided not to get the kigu and dress as a giraffe for the fancy dress (£40 would get me a new dress, damn it!) I am just going to rock a few ear headbands and lots of animal print!  With this in mind and the fact that I do not wear trousers/shorts ever I will be rocking a few animal print dresses and skirts and would love to add the following to my holdall...

 Dress: River Island

 Dress: Glamorous

Jumper: asos

 Bag: asos

Wellington Boots: Hunter

The weather forecast looks pretty good for that weekend right now so I might not need a pair of wellies but you never know plus I don't want to ruin any of my shoes if it does get all muddy.  I have a pair of green short hunters thanks to Witch Skincare and love the gloss finish on this Spartoo pair.  Green really is the classic colour and they look great with my River Island jacket.  I've been told it gets pretty cold in the evenings so I am taking jumpers and a hoodie to keep me toasty.  Just hope it's not too hot in the day, can't bear waking up in a hot tent.  Did I mention I hate camping?!  An advance sorry to Gem if I moan about that... haha

Please let me know what items I absolutely must take with me to a festival.  I've got bin bags, packs of tissues, wet wipes and hand sanitizer on my list already.


Monday, 27 August 2012

Pearl Collar

I had already decided that this little River Island gem would be mine before I put it in my wishlist.  I mean lets face it if you sew pearls on to the collar of a dress you can pretty much guarantee I will want it!  I also love the subtle sparkle of the fabric which makes it extra special.  I wore this outfit to a christening yesterday which was lovely and wins the best buffet ever competition hands down.  Roast dinner buffet followed by loads of homemade desserts, it was very special!

 Dress: River Island

I finished my outfit off with my new beautiful shoes from Spartoo.  These shoes are seriously amazing, I could just sit and stroke them all day!   They are so comfortable too and didn't feel as high as they are, I usually get calf ache after a whole day in heels.  I hadn't come across Chie Mihara shoes before and now several pairs on on my wishlist.  Will have to wait for them to go into the sale though as they are out of my budget full price but the quality definitely shows.

Court Shoes: Chie Mihara c/o Spartoo*

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Something For The Weekend

The store that has had me ooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over their new A/W collection the most so far this year is River Island.  For me they have totally hit the nail on the head for the first time in years with two of their dresses in my last two wishlists and now in my wardrobe.  Autumn/Winter is my favourite season by far, I love everything about it and this year is no different.  Gold studs, black (p)leather, cute collars, quirky details and not a logo or misplaced rhinestone in sight.  Thank goodness for that!!

The pieces that either have or will work their way into my wardrobe are:

I cannot wait to see the rest of their collection.  I am hoping for sequins, velvet, rich colours and dresses with sleeves... same as every year then!   What are you looking forward to this Autumn/Winter and which store has got you going gaga over their new collection?

Friday, 24 August 2012

OPI Minnie Mouse Collection

I'm not usually taken by the OPI limited edition collections but when I saw the amazing heart glitter one in the new Vintage Minnie collection I was sold.  Seriously, heart shaped glitter in a nail polish?! Get on my nails!  I also took the plunge and ordered the mini polish set as I love pink and decided I would use all of the colours. 

 OPI Minis : asos / OPI Single Polishes: asos

 I'm All Ears / If You Moust You Moust / The Colour Of Minnie / Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It

 Look at all those pretty little hearts!

The below swatches show each colour in the order of the bottles above with a coat of the heart topcoat on the top row - the fourth nail is the topcoat alone.  The bottom row is three coats of the corresponding colour.  The colours are pretty accurate imo.  I'm All Ears is a lovely sparkly pink jelly, If You Moust You Moust is a flat bubblegum pink which is my favourite and The Colour Of Minnie is a slightly sparkly pinky/cherry red.  All three colours are beautiful and applied really well.  I wear them on fake nails so cannot comment on how well they wear - the beauty of painted falsies is they don't chip!


The colours on this one are not accurate at all :(  This is two coats of The Colour of Minnie with two coats of I'm All Ears and a coat of Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It on my ring finger.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday Wants

My biggest dilemma over the first dress in this weeks wishlist is which colour to choose! It comes in either cream or pink and I think the cream just edges it for me.  The fabric is really nice and quite different and obviously I love the pearl collar.  Stick a pretty collar on a dress and you can guarantee I will want it.

Dress: River Island

I am not sure what the print is on this Oasis dress but I like it!!  I like the elbow length sleeves and the cute swishy skirt so I have my eyes open looking for this beauty.

Dress: Oasis

The next item in this weeks wishlist is something I never thought I would ever, ever want... a pair of trousers!! Okay so I love them but would never personally wear them (damn thighs!) but they are far too pretty not to share with those who could pull them off.  All those sequins. Swoon.

Sequin Trousers: Missguided

I do love a cute t-bar and these shoes certainly fit the bill and would look great with either of the above dresses.  Ooooh t-bars and cute collars, I'm in heaven.  I love a patent finish too, only beaten by a bit of sparkle in my humble opinion.  Spartoo really have got me addicted to shoes again... maybe I might start wearing some of the 100+ pairs I already have rather than the 3 pairs I live in ;)  On a serious note I have so many skyscrapper shoes that I can only look at as I have lost the ability to walk in them.  This does make me sad but makes my feet happy.  I can feel the burn on the balls of my feet just thinking about some of them.

What's on your wishlist this week?


Tuesday, 21 August 2012


You might have seen a few of my excited tweets... I am off to Bestival with a bunch of other fabulous bloggers thanks to Echo Falls.  How amazing is that?!  I am seriously SO excited.  I worked out that the last festival I went to was Reading back in 2002 where I decided I couldn't cope with tents, lack of showers and terrible festival food.  Or how expensive festival tickets are and that some festival tickets sell out before the line up is even announced.  The fact that we are arriving to ready pitched tents filled with airbeds and sleeping bags totally won me over... that and the Wagamama Lounge.  The food at Bestival is meant to be way above average and I am sure you all know by now I love nothing more than eating (except maybe buying pretty dresses).  Gray didn't want to go so I am taking my regular blogger roomie Gemma as my +1. Party times!!

Bestival has a fancy dress theme each year and this years is Wildlife.  I originally wanted to get one of these beauties:

But realised that if we do end up with an Indian summer (fingers crossed) I would most likely pass out with heat exhaustion... or just be a sweaty mess.  Neither of which is appealing.  So I have decided to wear my normal clothing and just accessorize with a few bits of animal headgear and maybe a bit of facepaint...

 Custom Minnie Mouse Ears: Crown and Glory

Panda Facinator & Bear Ears Hoodie: asos

Not quite sure how I am going to be wearing the fascinator yet, it's quite annoying as an actual headpiece but oh so cute.  Any other fancy dress suggestions?  I am up for wearing something wildlife each day :)

As I haven't been to a festival in like forever any tips and hints would be gratefully received!!  I think I have sorted out my festival wardrobe but again any help would be much appreciated, I don't wear shorts and it seems that's what most people live in for the weekend.  Have you been to Bestival before? If so what really is a must see? 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tell Me About It, Stud.

I have become a bit shoe crazy again recently and it's mostly Spartoo's fault.  I have become seriously addicted to checking their new arrivals.  So many nice shoes! I fell head over heels for this pair and haven't stopped wearing them since they arrived.  They are so comfy and if I do say so myself look great with my tan.  They have also meant I have been able to wear my collection of frilly ankle socks without feeling like I should be going to pre-school...

Low Smart Shoes: Emma Go c/o Spartoo*

I really, really want these boots in black.  I love the fit/shape and of course the gold studs but they would be even more perfect if they were black... now unfortunately they do not come in black but they are 100% leather, has anyone successfully dyed white leather shoes black? Would you recommend me trying?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Witch Anti-Blemish BB Cream Giveaway - Now Closed

I've mentioned before that I am a (very proud!) Witch flawless friend and now you can get in on the action as I have FIVE Witch BB Creams to giveaway!  Unfortunately this product really didn't suit my (unique) skin.  The coverage is nice but it just wasn't for me.  My fellow flawless friends Law and Cathryn have both reviewed it and the other girls loved it!

To enter you need to be a follower of a million dresses via google friend connect and leave a comment with your email address below.  The giveaway will run until Monday 27th August at 8pm.


 SarahB @ FridayIsForever
 Dreams That Glitter xoxo

You have mail girls!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday Wants

I love dogtooth so am really happy that it seems to be everywhere right now.  I have a favourite jacket from H&M last year that I have worn to death (but haven't seemed to have blogged... must rectify that!) Dogtooth is up there with paisley for me which is way way above standard florals.

I haven't seen this River Island dress in-store yet and would want to feel the fabric before I purchased it but everything else seems perfect, love the shape, the length and the sleeves.  Would look amazing with black opaques, the red courts below, a red clutch bag and a slick of red lippy... I can picture the outfit now!

 Dress: River Island

I like the mix of details on this Dorothy Perkins number, the dogtooth print mixed with a bit of fake lace and a cute little collar.  I also love the plain black waistband which makes it ultra flattering.
 Dress: Dorothy Perkins

How cosy does this New Look cardigan look?  I love it!  I am already dreaming of autumn and this would be great to slip on when I go for my evening walk.  It's under £25 too!

Cardigan: New Look

Most of my favourite shoes seem to be red even though I don't own much else red apart from lippy and nail polish.  I love the way red looks against monotone outfits and dogtooth is no exception.  These courts from Spartoo are lush, I adore the cut out detail and the bow seals the deal for me.  I do love a good bow.

Court Shoes: Perlato c/o Spartoo

How will you be wearing dogtooth this season?  Will you use it as a statement piece like I do or be brave and clash prints??

Monday, 13 August 2012

Mirror Kisses

I have been looking for the perfect cropped black jacket forever!  I have several black jackets but none of them are cropped enough for my liking apart from my beautiful sequin one which is too much for everyday wear such as work.  Damsel in a dress offered to send me an item to review and I spotted this beautiful jacket and snapped their hand off, how nice is it?! The quality is really good too and I know it is going to get lots of wear.  They also have lots of pretty dresses perfect for weddings and even a few actual wedding dresses!  I love this dress and this one is my top sales pick, so pretty!  The packaging's great and so was the delivery. 

Dress: asos

I have teamed my new jacket with my new favourite dress from asos.  I love everything about it, the print (both spots and kisses!) the shape, the fact it has sleeves and of course because the colours go perfectly with my favourite shoes!  I did say I was going to build my wardrobe around them didn't I! 

Please take another moment to admire my beautiful shoes from Spartoo...

Court Shoes: Lola Ramona c/o Spartoo*

I am sure you will agree they are the most beautiful thing you've ever seen!! So comfy yet quirky and have received so many compliments.  I can't stop swooning over them.  If you love these wait til you see my new boots, they are dreamy too!

I case you didn't notice a million dresses has finally got it's own .com, how exciting!  I already own the but left it too late to start using it without having to worry about broken links etc.  Sarah and Lucy talked me through the process of buying from blogger which takes care of that for you and I am pleased to say it was so easy and only $10 a year :)  Thanks for your help guys!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pink Leopard

I love leopard print, I don't care if it makes me look a bit Pat Butcher or if it is on trend it will always have a big place in my wardrobe.  Glamorous offered me a couple of dresses from their collection and I knew I just had to make this pretty pink leopard dress mine.  I have had it for quite a while before blogging it mainly because their sizing seems to come up rather large. I knew it would fit much better after my holidays as I knew I would (unfortunately) put on a bit of weight and I wasn't wrong (kinda sad it fits better but happy that I can finally share it!) I would defo recommend going down a size or two in this one.

Dress: Glamorous*
Cardigan: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21

You can get 20% off at Glamorous using code Glamorous20, check out the many beautiful dresses.  

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