Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Which reality TV show should you place your bets on?

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model might seem like an odd series to bet on, but it’s actually really popular for those who like to have a little flutter but are fed up with betting on sporting outcomes.

We have many events every year on which you can have a bet, even if you’re not a betting expert. From the Grand National to Wimbledon, there are plenty ways to use your sporting expertise. But what if you don’t have any sporting expertise? What if you know far more about actual fun things, like reality TV series?

Well, the first thing to do would be to really evaluate your expertise. Do you have a penchant for Made in Chelsea, for instance? It’s good to have knowledge of the ins and outs of Spencer, Binky and co, but what would you bet on? The amount of times Spencer lies in his current girlfriend’s face? The number of times irritating Jamie uses the word ‘boi’? The number of times Louise cries? You could bet on all of this and more but the bookies aren’t likely to pay much out for such obvious predictions.

Hmmm. Perhaps you’re better off betting on Big Brother instead? Yep, it’s still going. Since Channel 5 bought the rights after Channel 4’s 10 year stint of the most famous - and infamous - reality TV series ever made, however, viewing figures have dipped. What was once a genuine event during the summer has tailed off to become an outlet for attention seekers and wannabe glamour models. Actually, it’s pretty much been like that since around 2003, but it’s worse than ever now. Chances are, even if you’re a massive reality TV show fan, you don’t even know who’s competing this year, so maybe it’s not the best bet for you after all.

Switch to SKY and you’ll find we’re a few episodes in for Season 9 of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model (BNTM). I know, hard to believe there has been nine seasons of the British version but since this franchise began with the original - and by far the nuttiest - America’s Next Top Model, which was the brainchild of the equally crazy supermodel and businesswoman Tyra Banks, in 2005  there have been many seasons all over the world.

Our version is hosted by Elle MacPherson (Aussie), Tyron Beckford (American) and Danni Minogue (Aussie) so one could wonder where the British and Ireland comes in really. Oh, wait, that will be the girls. As usual, a group of very tall, extremely thin and usually odd looking young girls are dumped in a house together and forced to jump through hoops week after week to prove who is the most attractive. Hmmm. No possibility for drama there, right ladies?

Of course, most of the fun comes from the drama, bitchiness, various states of neuroses and narcissism many of the girls seem to be suffering but it’s always fun to watch them being put through their model paces and picked off one by one by the trio of judges. Check out a betting site - somewhere like http://freebets.org to get some tips on betting and odds, if you’re a beginner, then make sure you research the show before choosing which girl you think will win. Don’t pick the most obviously gorgeous and remember that the winner tends to be the one who seemed most unlikely at the beginning. It’s just one of those shows.

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