Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Wants

Sorry to mention the terrible weather we have been having this 'summer' but to say it has been cold and miserable is an understatement!!  The high street have responded and Autumn/Winter clothes have started arriving already.  I am sure this isn't usual for July!  Not that I am complaining as I LOVE autumn clothing, definitely my favourite season.  It also means that pastels are getting pushed to one side (boooo!!) and richer tones are suddenly everywhere.  Like red! I love wearing red but don't do it often enough so I have decided to rectify this asap.  I am still going to be rocking pastels well into winter, they look fab against black opaques which is how I have had to wear them anyway.

I already have this New Look dress in blue, pink and cream but it is just so comfy to wear I cannot resist picking it up in red too (and maybe the black... ;) )  I love this shade of red it will look fab with a slick of red lipstick.

Dress: New Look

This isn't the first Jones + Jones dress to have graced my wishlist but I have still to make one my own.  I keep meaning to try one on when I visit Topshop Oxford Circus (not very often!) as they look like they would only just skim my bum and that really isn't a good look for me.  I adore this collared version, it's just so damn cute.

Dress: Jones + Jones

Be still my beating heart. HOW AMAZING ARE THESE SHOES?!  So, so cute!  I love everything about them, the stripes, the bow, the red block heel, the height of the heel. I am in love. They will look amazing with the lace New Look dress, a black blazer and a pair of opaques... I can picture the outfit now! Hmmm maybe with my stripy black and white RI clutch too... the possibilities!

Court Shoes: Lola Ramona c/o Spartoo

Have you started looking at the autumn winter stock even though we haven't actually had a summer yet?  What have you got your eye on?



  1. Those dresses are incredible! I want them too!!!

  2. Love that New Look dress, it looks a bit like the Missguided Aldara dress that we love so much! That shade is gorgeous though.

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. I'm with you on loving the red :) both of these dresses are lovely!

    Sarah x

    1. that Jones + Jones one is lush but looks quite short, very nice though.
      Have those shoes arrived?! xx

  4. LOVE the red lace dress, can't believe I don't own one!

    Maria xxx

  5. Cute is definitely the word to describe that collared dress - love it :) And I am officially lusting after those shoes :) x

  6. Yep, in red it's irressistible.. plus sexy sexy heels!!!


  7. I adore Jones&Jones dresses whenever I see them, but totally agree that they look ridiculously short! They're just so adorable though!


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