Sunday, 29 July 2012

Happy Holidays

I'm back, this past week has totally flown by.  I am happy to report back that the weather was GLORIOUS!!  35°+ for the whole week, with our 'Summer' so far this year we were very lucky!

We stayed in a tiny hamlet about 30 minutes from Saint Malo in France.  The closest town of size is Dinan and we visited lots of pretty beaches and wondered round Dinan, Dinard, Saint Malo, Mont Saint Michel and Rennes.  The week was spent:





Spending quality time together & taking lots of photos of myself ;)

And seeing as it was too wet & cold to go to the zoo when we went to Brixham earlier this year we went to a zoo in Brittany set in the beautiful grounds of a stunning castle.  Just look at those wild flowers!

Holiday outfit posts to follow!  I still took photos even though I couldn't get online to upload them.  Best bit about being home is definitely having internet access 24/7 although that is closely followed by a good cup of tea!


  1. Looks absolutely amazing and I am in a pool of drool over that food!!! xxx

  2. What an amazing holiday! That food looks stunning and I adore macaroons xx

  3. Looks gorgeous! The food and the sky are lovely

  4. Ah it looks like you've had a fantastic time, so so jealous! All that food looks amazing. xx

  5. Ooh Saint Malo is lovely! I've been there a few times, with the kids I used to nanny as their Grandparents live near there. It really is a beautiful place. And I'm pretty sure we went to that Zoo in Brittany on one of our trips too!
    Looks like you had a great time. The food looks gooood! xx

  6. This looks fabulous Sarah, love me a bit of France! The bottom left pic of you is beautiful and there are some crackers from the zoo - that giraffe!! :D

  7. Ahh Mont St Michel! I love that place so much. Beautiful photos lady x

  8. Awhh looks like you had a nice time :-) xxx

  9. Oh wow, this looks a perfect holiday..I'm dying to go to France for a hol at some point, but I'd really love to go to the South!

    Looks like fun :) I'm jealous!! xx

  10. WOW the food looks amazing!!! and the views
    Hope you had a nice rest x x
    Ruth - Room31

  11. sigh, I'm so jealous. It all looks rather lovely :) Can't wait to get to Paris in September now xx

  12. Looks like you had a great time, the food looks amazing! x


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