Monday, 30 July 2012

Cute Bows

I already own this New Look dress in three colour ways but couldn't resist the red version to go with the most amazing shoes ever!!  They were both in a recent wishlist and I had to make the shoes mine as I just couldn't stop thinking about them!! The necklace is from Topshop which I picked up for under £5, it's fast become my go to necklace.  I love the way it looks and it goes with everything.  The jacket is a favourite from a few years ago, I really cannot get enough of sequins. Bling bling.

 Dress: New Look
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Necklace: Topshop

A rare full length photo to show off my new shoes.  Oh and yep I am tightless!! Thought I should really make the most of the tan I worked on in France whilst I can.  I am sure it will have faded before I have been able to get all the washing done!

These beautiful shoes deserve a few photos of their own.  They are just perfect and so comfy.  The heel is the right height for me to be able to wear all day without ending up with the balls of my feet burning, no one likes burning balls!  I just know I am going to be buying more dresses just to go with these shoes... I can't be the only one who does that though right?!

 Court Shoes: Lola Ramona c/o Spartoo*

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Happy Holidays

I'm back, this past week has totally flown by.  I am happy to report back that the weather was GLORIOUS!!  35°+ for the whole week, with our 'Summer' so far this year we were very lucky!

We stayed in a tiny hamlet about 30 minutes from Saint Malo in France.  The closest town of size is Dinan and we visited lots of pretty beaches and wondered round Dinan, Dinard, Saint Malo, Mont Saint Michel and Rennes.  The week was spent:





Spending quality time together & taking lots of photos of myself ;)

And seeing as it was too wet & cold to go to the zoo when we went to Brixham earlier this year we went to a zoo in Brittany set in the beautiful grounds of a stunning castle.  Just look at those wild flowers!

Holiday outfit posts to follow!  I still took photos even though I couldn't get online to upload them.  Best bit about being home is definitely having internet access 24/7 although that is closely followed by a good cup of tea!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday Wants

Holiday special!!

As you read this I am (hopefully) sunning myself on holiday... we are staying near St Malo which has been having pretty similar weather to us recently.  At the time of typing the weather looks ace for next week with highs of 36°.  I promise not to moan about the sun this time Rosie & Amy ;)

This weeks wishlist is perfect for lazy beach days.  All you need is a cute bikini (shame about the price tag) a slouchy beach dress and some comfy gold shoes.  

Dress: asos

Bikini: asos

Sandals: Hush Puppies c/o Spartoo

What are your holiday must haves? See you on the other side (hopefully golden brown!!)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Wants

Sorry to mention the terrible weather we have been having this 'summer' but to say it has been cold and miserable is an understatement!!  The high street have responded and Autumn/Winter clothes have started arriving already.  I am sure this isn't usual for July!  Not that I am complaining as I LOVE autumn clothing, definitely my favourite season.  It also means that pastels are getting pushed to one side (boooo!!) and richer tones are suddenly everywhere.  Like red! I love wearing red but don't do it often enough so I have decided to rectify this asap.  I am still going to be rocking pastels well into winter, they look fab against black opaques which is how I have had to wear them anyway.

I already have this New Look dress in blue, pink and cream but it is just so comfy to wear I cannot resist picking it up in red too (and maybe the black... ;) )  I love this shade of red it will look fab with a slick of red lipstick.

Dress: New Look

This isn't the first Jones + Jones dress to have graced my wishlist but I have still to make one my own.  I keep meaning to try one on when I visit Topshop Oxford Circus (not very often!) as they look like they would only just skim my bum and that really isn't a good look for me.  I adore this collared version, it's just so damn cute.

Dress: Jones + Jones

Be still my beating heart. HOW AMAZING ARE THESE SHOES?!  So, so cute!  I love everything about them, the stripes, the bow, the red block heel, the height of the heel. I am in love. They will look amazing with the lace New Look dress, a black blazer and a pair of opaques... I can picture the outfit now! Hmmm maybe with my stripy black and white RI clutch too... the possibilities!

Court Shoes: Lola Ramona c/o Spartoo

Have you started looking at the autumn winter stock even though we haven't actually had a summer yet?  What have you got your eye on?


Monday, 16 July 2012

Impress Press On Manicure Review

After falling for the cute packaging and great colours I decided to give the imPRESS press-on manicure nails a go.  They are expensive compared to my normal falsies (£8 compared to £5ish) and having not had much luck with stick on nails before I was skeptical they would actually stick and not ping off at the first bit of pressure.  The colours haven't come out very well in the first photo, they are actually a neon pink as seen in the other photos.

I loved the colour but everything else about them sucks!!

Firstly on removing them from the packet several of them had marks on them, being a perfectionist this really annoyed me.

Less than 30 minutes from first application more than a whole hands worth had pinged off.  I was sat at my desk so hardly putting them through their paces.  I made sure I followed the instructions to the letter and sat pushing them on for a good half hour as I wanted them to last.  Wasn't meant to be.  I ended up gluing them all in place.

The little tabs at the end of them are hard to file off, much harder than any other false nails I have worn.  They are pretty visible so you do need to spend the time and remove them.

They looked like I had been wearing them for a week after just one day.  The photos below show the wear and tear.  They wear more like natural nails and polish than falsies.  They show little dents and the colour had started to wear at the tips.  They are softer than normal falsies so get damaged easily.  The packaging recommends you go down a size if you are in between sizes so as you can see from the bottom photo they didn't fit all my nails that well and you could see some of my natural nail at the edges.  (not sure what is going on with the colour of them in these photos either - the ones above are truer to the real colour)

They are also totally useless if you actually have nails.  They are really short, shorter than the extra short nails I often buy.  I cut a few nails down so I could wear them.  (I am fine with this, my nails are screwed anyway!)

I removed them on Sunday evening and it took me over 30 minutes to get rid of the sticky residue they left.  Not good impress, not good!

All these negatives aside the colour is fantastic and got lots of compliments.  Now all I need to do is go colour match these and paint a few pairs of decent falsies (I recommend Broadway Nails Real Life ones that you can paint before applying)  Oh and I absolutely love the cute little bottle they came in, defo going to use that to carry around spare nails!

Sunday, 15 July 2012


I know I totally spammed instagram and twitter yesterday and I am kinda sorry for that but we really did have the best time.  The lovely ladies from Witch totally spoilt us.  We went for lunch at Wahaca in Southbank which took me back to the yummy food I had on honeymoon.  We then went on the London Eye and finished our little meet on the Duck Tour (with a VERY random tour guide!  Anyone for a Llama??)  We were originally meant to be going to the Vintage Festival which was unfortunately cancelled and because of this Witch also treated us all to a pair of hunter's. Very nice!

A BIG thank you to Witch for choosing me to be a flawless friend and for amazing hospitality.  Hello to my fellow flawless friends, thanks for making it such a laugh.  Can't wait for the next one!!

Dress: River Island

The lovely Witch team :)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Something for the Weekend

I just had to share this River Island dress with you guys, it's been reduced to £20 in the sale and is absolutely amazing on.  It is seriously cute!! It does come up quite small across the back and doesn't have any stretch so I recommend sizing up.  I might just have bought all three... ;)

Dresses: River Island

How beautiful are these nude courts?!  Can you believe I don't actually own a pair of nude shoes.  Guess it's because I spend most of my life in black opaques and not much time bare legged.  I have taupe but not a true nude and these are just perfect.  I have been braver this year and gone bare legged a few times but the weather has most definitely been against me, I can't ever remember being able to wear tights in July!! Anyway I digress.  I love these shoes and think they will look perfect with my nude sequin dress from Topshop so they have been added to my wishlist!

 Court Shoes: Betty London via Spartoo

I've been eying up this cute little book clutch since it first appeared in the new arrivals of asos.  So, so cool but so, so impractical!  I am still tempted though.

Book Clutch: asos

What have you got your eye on this week?  Do let me know if you snap up the bargain RI dress, would love to know what colour you go for and what you think of it!

I am off to my first Witch Skincare #flawlessfriend meet up in London tomorrow, I am so excited it is unreal! I am also meeting up with one of my besties before catching the train back home. Fun times!  She is moving half way round the world soon which makes me sad.  I told her London was too far away and what does she go and do?!


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday Wants

Three posts in three days.  I am on a roll! Might even throw in an outfit post this week ;)

This weeks wishlist has a little theme... #wardrobezoo.  This isn't just a case of a bit of leopard print or a few zebra stripes but full on actual animals.  On your clothes.  Bird prints are pretty easy to come by (like this gorgeous Swan print dress), I have seen a few dog dresses recently and butterflies don't really count.

 Deer Dress: Topshop

Giraffe Dress: Poem via Oliver Bonas

Bee Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Show me your favourite #wardrobezoo items!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

...because fashion isn't permanent

The lovely people at Inkwear tattoos sent me a selection of their temporary tattoos to review.  They arrived with perfect timing, the day before the #bloggersinbrum night out, so I decided to take them with me and get a little help with my review...

To apply you just cut round your design, remove the protective plastic and soak.  Just like those tattoos you used to get with bubblegum as a kid! Simple.

The girls loved them (apart from Eloise but that's a different story!) All apart from mine lasted well and looked great.  Unfortunately I put mine on my finger before I had done the buckles up on my shoes and it couldn't stand up to the damage :(  

The designs available are great and you can even design your own from just £4.  How useful is that especially if you have a design in mind for a real tattoo and want to try it out for good measure and make sure it works for you.  A much better option than living with a tattoo you hate or laser removal.

The sets I was sent to review ranged from £2.49 to £6.99 and depending on where you want to wear them they can last for up to 10 days.  I am definitely going to have fun using the rest of the samples!  I am far too fickle for a real tattoo.

Luckily for you lot Inkwear have also given me £20 voucher to giveaway, that's quite a few hours of fun!  To enter you need to comment below with your email address and like the Inkwear facebook page. You also need to be a follower of a million dresses via GFC.  The competition will run til Wednesday 18th July at 6pm and the winner will be chosen using

Big thanks and love to the following blogging beauties... 
(and Rebecca who I didn't get a photo of!)

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