Friday, 15 June 2012

Something For The Weekend

This week has been crazy busy.  I didn't even have time to post my weekly wishlist so thought I would share a few treats from Bank to ease you into the weekend!!

Bank isn't a shop I used to spend much time in.  I am sure they are well aware of this but they had a rather bad image and even in moments of desperation after running round the rest of the high street looking for a new night out outfit I wouldn't bother checking to see what they had on offer.  I am happy to say all this has changed and I am the proud owner of not one but two clutch bags from Bank.  They are beauties, perfect in every way.  I wouldn't have found them if they hadn't of cleverly displayed them in the window so they could taunt me with their beauty like a siren on the rocks.

The pink one above has just gone into the sale online and is now only £8!! I am so glad that the beautiful clutch bags lured me back into Bank and I have now discovered LOTS of pretty dresses that are filling up my wishlist.  They stock lots of great brands including Glamorous and even have a few Glamorous dresses I haven't seen anywhere else.  My favourites are:

After sorting out a couple of outfits for impending Weddings I am drawn to corally pink nudes right now and these pretties certainly do not disappoint.  I have seen the cutsy daisy dress in real life and it really is so pretty.  I love it when stores that you once ruled out turn round and surprise you, it's always great to have a new destination to visit when hunting for that something special.

Now if someone can find me some mid height heels to go with my candy pink clutch I will love you forever :)

*this post is in collaboration with Bank*


  1. I never go in there because I still assume nothing will fit, still only go in DP and New Look. Need to change my habits, stuff actually fits now!

  2. That daisy dress is lovely, perfect for summer picnics!

    Maria xxx

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