Sunday, 3 June 2012

God Save the Queen!

I think this dress might just be my favourite of my Jubilee dresses, how cute is that print?!  Perfect for both the Jubilee celebrations and the whole 2012 summer olympic celebrations.  It's a great length too for leg baring for those of us who do not like getting their legs out.  Sometimes needs must and it is just too hot for anything else (not that we have many of those days in the UK!)

As this is published I am currently in Brixham and if the weather forecast is accurate it is raining and I will be wearing tights and maybe even my fur coat if it really is only 12°.  Boohoo.  I know I wished for it to be a bit colder than last weekend but not 15° or so colder and please no rain!

Dress: Yumi

Have you bought any dresses especially for the Jubilee celebrations? Link me to your post/photos, I would love to see!


  1. Lovely dress and it goes really well with the cardigan. Such a shame about the weather but it's good that you're still going out to celebrate x

  2. I'm in love with the print on that dress!


  3. I love this look and that dress is gorgeous! xx

  4. This is the cutest Jubilee dress I've seen, I absolutely adore the print.
    It is such a shame about the weather, I'm going to a BBQ in the rain tonight! Thankfully they have a gazebo x

  5. I love the print of your dress! I wish we could have had last weeks weather this week instead. Ah well :) x

  6. I knew you would look gorgeous in this dress when I saw you tweeting about it! You look absolutely lovely, love how the cardigan and the belt look match it so perfectly. So it's YOUR fault it's freezing this weekend then is it? ;) Wishing for cooler temperatures eh? Now I know who to blame, haha! X

  7. I love your dress. I'm doing a post right now. I wore the light pink dress from River Island that I think you have, but the strap snapped today :(

  8. aaaw its got tea cups on :) looking lovely xx


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