Friday, 1 June 2012

George at Asda Queen's Jubilee Vintage Tea Blogparty

When the lovely people from George at Asda asked if I would like to join them for a vintage tea blogparty in honour of the Queen's Jubilee I jumped at the chance, any excuse to eat cake!  I was asked to chose a dress which best represented my chosen era from the Queen's reign.  I chose the 50's and this beautiful strawberry dress:

 Dress: c/o George at Asda

Isn't it just beautiful?!  It was a big hit with the husband too :)  The package also contained a few essentials for my little party for one so I got my bake on and made a few cupcakes to go with my cheese and marmite or should I say Ma'amite sandwiches.  The Emma Bridgewater fudge was delicious and I adore the box it came in, maybe even more than the actual fudge!  I skipped the tea and went straight for a gin and tonic, it seemed more fitting...

I didn't actually eat all the cakes by the way I have boxed some up ready for our weekend away.  We are off to Brixham and I cannot wait! Fingers crossed we don't have any rain this weekend so I can enjoy a cake by the sea.

I may have had a bit of cake though... can't be good all the time ;)


  1. yum that looks amazing!!

    i accidentally dressed up like the queen today, i just posted about it... then i immediately thought of you hehe.

  2. Oh I love this dress, I have been eyeing it up for a while from George! And your cakes are amazing as always. You and your tea party look fabulous xx

  3. This is amazing look at all those yummy cakes! You're lookiong pretty yummy yourself too Sarah ;)

  4. what a lovely post!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  5. mmmm really want one of your cakes now, the cosmo ones were lush!
    I got this dress to, soo boobyish on my though but perfect for a night out. Wearing it on Sat with red lippy. You are looking lovely and tanned Sarah xx

  6. Haha wow, I LOVE this post, you look like you're having great fun. I bet taking these pics was a laugh!

    You look so so tanned, and this dress is absolutely amazing, very flattering! Not sure my big hips will be so forgiving but I'm definitely keeping my eye out for this beauty - How much is it meant to be!?


  7. You look AMAZING. I got this dress too and it is ridiculously gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  8. You look blimming amazing in that dress my love! Also I totally just noticed that you have great cheekbones! *stalker*


  9. LOVE your dress! And OMG those cakes look pretty damn amazing!! xx

  10. Lovely tea party. I like the red, white and blue cake.

  11. I seriously need this dress, it's gorgeous! I've got a strawberry necklace so I need the matching dress now :p xx


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