Thursday, 31 May 2012

Flying the Flag

I cannot express how much I love this skirt.  I may feel a little silly wearing it but oh well!  I tried to get a red vest to wear with it but haven't been able to find one anywhere, strange stuff.  I've trawled the high street to no avail so have had to make do with a buttoned up cardigan.  I kinda like it though :)

How are you celebrating the Jubilee?


  1. I'm gonna do some Jubilee nail art i think!
    You look wonderful! xx

  2. I'm not celebrating the Jubilee, but I'm meeting up with family.

    I can't believe you can't find a vest anywhere.


  3. Your skirt is perfect for the jubilee! Im meant to be going to a boat party on sunday but I dont think the weather is going to hold out for it :( whatever your doing hope you have a lovely day!

    P.S I bought a red vest from h&m not long ago that would look great with this skirt :) xxx

  4. Ahh such a brilliant outfit for the Jubilee! I'm going to a party for it on Friday but have no idea what to wear; I loved your tights in your last post though! H&M usually have quite a good stock of vest tops :) xxx

    1. a white vest would look nice with the red cardi over it? x

  5. You look fab - love the skirt, perfect for Jubilee celebrations! x


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