Tuesday, 1 May 2012

There's No Place Like BED!

My grandfather passed down this piece of wisdom; always invest in a good bed and a good pair of shoes, because if you aren't in one you're in the other. Now shoes are different for everyone, but the state of your bed can reveal so much about your psychological state and your dirty secrets – as well as some personal quirks.
Feng Shui has many rules for how to position a bed in your bedroom, ranging from logical to ludicrous. Positioning your bed at an angle away from a corner of the room allegedly creates negative chi, although it's also just an inconvenient place to have it unless your bed is circular, but it has to be placed in such a position so that the chi entering and leaving your bedroom through windows and doors does not stream over where you sleep – underneath a window or right next to the door is a terrible idea. The Feng Shui rules on mirrors make things much more complex however; you should not be able to see yourself reflected in a mirror from your bed, the reasoning for this being that while you sleep your soul leaves your body and may be frightened by the mirror, causing horrible dreams. It's just rather unsettling though, isn't it?

Positioning your bed so the foot of it lies across from the door is also a bad idea. This position is called the coffin, or dead man's position and replicates the way dead bodies are carried through houses feet first. Feng Shui guides will say that if you have no option but to place your bed there, you should put up a screen between the door and the bed – although because it is vitally important that you can see who enters your room from your bed, this requires you to set up a mirror which will reflect the bedroom door to your bed.

Sometimes you can tell a little bit too much about someone by their bed. Fitting more than two people in, railings for handcuffs and satin sheets are often good indicators that the room is a very fun place indeed – although satin sheets are incredibly impractical for any actual sleeping and won't be as comfortable as you might hope, even with a good frame and a great range of beds at Bedstar. Some good quality cotton sheets in warm colours and different textured cushions and throws will add a real cosy touch to your bedroom, if snuggling is your prime focus.

Whether you make the bed every morning or curl up in a pile of blankets at night; whether you slip on satin or cuddle in cotton, your bed should be the one place you feel safe and happy, whatever that means to you.

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