Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sequin City

I am a total magpie at heart and love nothing more than a sequin or two.  I get so excited come A/W when it feels more appropriate to crack out the sequins, they feel a bit too over the top for S/S wear unless you are going somewhere really special and can waltz around like you're in one of those casino movies... if only hey!  I bought the most amazing sequin dress for my honeymoon last year and have only worn it once since (on Christmas eve) and really want to wear it again but am not sure where it would fit - it's a bit too look at me for a wedding and too OTT for a night out.  Such a shame as I love it so much and stroke it often ;) When would you wear this dress?

The last time I went to Topshop Oxford Circus (with the ldnlunch girls!) we we're cooing over the most amazing silver sequin dress.  I fell for the ombre version of my nude dress in the Bullring Topshop a couple of weeks ago and today the little mint number landed on making me crave sequins even more.  Do you love sequins as much as I do and do you ignore the season and just whip them out whenever you fancy adding a little bling to your life??

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  1. I tried the first dress on as my birthday dress but the sizing was wrong and it was the only one they had, I was devastated! xxx

  2. I have the first dress and I already wore it to 1 wedding and I am planning to wear it to 2 more! haha It doesn't feel too much if you cover the back with a nice blazer, a cardi etc, and it's just perfect for an evening party! It's too nice to be kept in wardrobe!xx

  3. bold and fun ideas for this season.

  4. I love sequins but in just not brave enough to wear them very often. I've been drooling over the ombré dress since I first saw it in the topshop new in section. I just wish I could think of an occasion to wear it. In the past I would have but my nights out seem to be much more low key than they used to be! X

  5. I don't really wear sequins that much but those dresses are gorgeous! I don't see why you can't wear a light coloured sequin dress in the summer to a party or a night out. If you like it, wear it :) x

  6. I tried the top one on in Cardiff Topshop and fell in love, too poor for it though :( realy want one for my birthday so going to keep na eye out for codes x


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