Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rule Britannia

2012 is the year of the flag and instead of wearing my heart on my sleeve I thought I would go with displaying it on my legs with these amazing tights from mytights.com.  Nothing says I am proud to be British like flying the Union Jack and they are everywhere this Jubilee/Olympic year.

The Henry Holland tights are my absolute favourite, they are amazing!! If you are not quite as brave the black based tights by Jonathan Aston are a good compromise and come in either crown or horse prints, too cute! 

mytights.com kindly sent me a pair of the House of Holland Union Jack tights to play with, I can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit so I can sport them this Jubilee weekend :)


  1. hah, gorgeous outifit :)


  2. love this!gorgeous!
    do you have to stand still all weekend? :D
    your outfit is lovely!
    (also loved the fascinator too!)

  3. I love those tights you've got on! They look really cute with the blue dress. I have to say that I hate that second pair, though. They make my eyes go funny. I hope it DOESN'T cool down for the jubilee weekend!


  4. its really cute. i love them !

  5. I wish I had these for Thursday! I'm a teacher and we are having a jubilee celebration day. They would be ideal! x

  6. they look super cool! I got ones from m&s they look like suspender tights but they have the London skyline along the top x


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