Monday, 28 May 2012

Jubilee Union Jack Fascinator Tutorial

I've been busy making a Union Jack Fascinator ready for my friends Jubilee themed hen party and thought I would share the results and a little tutorial with you guys.  It's not hard to make but does take a lot of patience, it involves a few hours of sewing.  It also doesn't cost much to make, certainly no where near the 40 or so pounds a certain department store was asking for their version!

You will need:  
Needle & matching threads

You will also need scissors, a scrap of felt and an off cut of fabric, a glue gun and either a comb or headband to secure the fascinator.  I chose a headband as it is more likely to stay on my head after lots of pimms and pink fizz ;)

Starting in the middle sew the string of sequins to the fascinator base.  You do not need to sew through every single sequin just every five or so.  I decided to add three strings of red sequins.

 Sew a single string of white sequins either side of the red stripe.

 Repeat to form a cross.

Do exactly the same across the existing cross

 I decided I wanted it to be full on sparkle so covered the visible parts of the base with blue sequins.  You could skip this bit if you've had enough sewing by this stage!

 Don't worry how messy the base is, this will be covered so only you will know ;) To secure the headband apply a blob of hot glue to the centre of the Union Jack

 Glue the rest of the fascinator to the hair band and secure in place using the felt.  You will need to hold the fascinator to the headband whilst the glue dries.

Take your scrap of fabric and cut it into a circle the same size as the fascinator base.  Make two small holes for the headband to feed through and glue it in place around the edges.

 See, much neater!

 The finished item!  I am so pleased how it has turned out and cannot wait to rock it!!

(not sure why I look like I have a black eye...)

If you make this fascinator please let me know, I would love to see how yours turns out.


  1. That is absolutely brilliant! Presumably you could just glue all the sequins on too if you REALLY don't like sewing? We're having a red, white and blue themed parkrun on Saturday but I'm going for the easy option with coloured ribbons in my hair! xx

  2. even though i am not too big on the jubilee celebrations, this is so so pretty!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  3. You clever little thing! This looks amazing! A Jubilee themed hen party sounds brilliant! X

  4. This is amazing! So simple and yet so pretty! I almost wish I was going to a jubilee party now, although a Jubilee hen sounds excellent! xxx

  5. Love it, you did a great job!

  6. Love it, yours looks so neat and tidy!


  7. This is incredible! It looks so professional. I really want one now!

  8. It looks like something you would pay £20-30 in Accessorize!

  9. What a fab tutorial! Your so talented!

  10. This is great, I love all the sequins!

    Maria xxx

  11. This looks great Sarah! Such a good idea to just make your own x


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