Friday, 25 May 2012

Buttery Pink

I found these photos on my camera, I took them a couple of weeks ago but then didn't have time to write the post they were intended for.  Shame to let them go to waste when they take me forever to get just a couple I am happy with.  Oh to be photogenic! 

I really love this Boohoo dress, it's a great length for work but stick on a pair of heels and it is even better for a night out.  I do love a chiffon dress although I swear you can't see my bra that clearly in real life... ;)  I picked up the asos pleather jacket with 50% off and really love it even though it doesn't really go with much of my wardrobe.  I think the colour is really unusual and love the girlieness of the pink juxtaposed with the pleather.

Dress: Boohoo
Jacket: asos

What are your plans for the weekend? Tomorrow Gray and I will have been married for a whole six months!! I honestly cannot believe how quickly it has gone, it only seems like five minutes ago we were planning the wedding although it does feel like a life time ago since we were sat on the beach supping cocktails! We are going to have a relaxing weekend together and enjoy some couple time :)


  1. I love this outfit, nice and colourful for the summer!
    You have to tell me what colour you have on your nails - i love it and want it!
    Sam xx

  2. very beautiful blue dress<3
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. Love the jacket! Reminds me of Grease which is always a good thing!

  4. That dress is gorgeous and Sophie's right, very Pink Lady-esque!

    Maria xxx

  5. Love the jacket! As usual I'm in work all weekend then drinking far too much gin in the night and trying to find that elusive boy in a band ;) Happy 6 month anniversary xxx

  6. Thus is SUCH a beautiful colour! I want!

  7. I adore those colours together. Happy 6 month anniversary! My husband has been at work the past two weekends but he has today off so I can't wait to spend the day together in the sun! Have a lovely weekend x

  8. what a gorgeous jacket, such a lovely colour

  9. i really, really love your dress! the color is so pretty and i like how it looks airy and light. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  10. love your nail polish color, so pretty!


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