Thursday, 31 May 2012

Flying the Flag

I cannot express how much I love this skirt.  I may feel a little silly wearing it but oh well!  I tried to get a red vest to wear with it but haven't been able to find one anywhere, strange stuff.  I've trawled the high street to no avail so have had to make do with a buttoned up cardigan.  I kinda like it though :)

How are you celebrating the Jubilee?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday Wants

A Wednesday Wants with a twist this week, I thought I would share my favourite Union Jack clothing with you in preparation for the Jubilee Celebrations!  I am pretty excited at the thought of having that extra bank holiday, hehe!

 Satchel: Zatchels

  Vest: Boohoo

 Skirt: New Look

Hi Tops: New Look

Dress: Yumi

River Island have made a few dresses especially for the Jubilee and they are far too cute!!  Definitely not just for the Jubilee, I am going to be wearing them all summer long :)

Are you going to rock the Union Jack this summer??

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rule Britannia

2012 is the year of the flag and instead of wearing my heart on my sleeve I thought I would go with displaying it on my legs with these amazing tights from  Nothing says I am proud to be British like flying the Union Jack and they are everywhere this Jubilee/Olympic year.

The Henry Holland tights are my absolute favourite, they are amazing!! If you are not quite as brave the black based tights by Jonathan Aston are a good compromise and come in either crown or horse prints, too cute! kindly sent me a pair of the House of Holland Union Jack tights to play with, I can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit so I can sport them this Jubilee weekend :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Jubilee Union Jack Fascinator Tutorial

I've been busy making a Union Jack Fascinator ready for my friends Jubilee themed hen party and thought I would share the results and a little tutorial with you guys.  It's not hard to make but does take a lot of patience, it involves a few hours of sewing.  It also doesn't cost much to make, certainly no where near the 40 or so pounds a certain department store was asking for their version!

You will need:  
Needle & matching threads

You will also need scissors, a scrap of felt and an off cut of fabric, a glue gun and either a comb or headband to secure the fascinator.  I chose a headband as it is more likely to stay on my head after lots of pimms and pink fizz ;)

Starting in the middle sew the string of sequins to the fascinator base.  You do not need to sew through every single sequin just every five or so.  I decided to add three strings of red sequins.

 Sew a single string of white sequins either side of the red stripe.

 Repeat to form a cross.

Do exactly the same across the existing cross

 I decided I wanted it to be full on sparkle so covered the visible parts of the base with blue sequins.  You could skip this bit if you've had enough sewing by this stage!

 Don't worry how messy the base is, this will be covered so only you will know ;) To secure the headband apply a blob of hot glue to the centre of the Union Jack

 Glue the rest of the fascinator to the hair band and secure in place using the felt.  You will need to hold the fascinator to the headband whilst the glue dries.

Take your scrap of fabric and cut it into a circle the same size as the fascinator base.  Make two small holes for the headband to feed through and glue it in place around the edges.

 See, much neater!

 The finished item!  I am so pleased how it has turned out and cannot wait to rock it!!

(not sure why I look like I have a black eye...)

If you make this fascinator please let me know, I would love to see how yours turns out.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Buttery Pink

I found these photos on my camera, I took them a couple of weeks ago but then didn't have time to write the post they were intended for.  Shame to let them go to waste when they take me forever to get just a couple I am happy with.  Oh to be photogenic! 

I really love this Boohoo dress, it's a great length for work but stick on a pair of heels and it is even better for a night out.  I do love a chiffon dress although I swear you can't see my bra that clearly in real life... ;)  I picked up the asos pleather jacket with 50% off and really love it even though it doesn't really go with much of my wardrobe.  I think the colour is really unusual and love the girlieness of the pink juxtaposed with the pleather.

Dress: Boohoo
Jacket: asos

What are your plans for the weekend? Tomorrow Gray and I will have been married for a whole six months!! I honestly cannot believe how quickly it has gone, it only seems like five minutes ago we were planning the wedding although it does feel like a life time ago since we were sat on the beach supping cocktails! We are going to have a relaxing weekend together and enjoy some couple time :)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sequin City

I am a total magpie at heart and love nothing more than a sequin or two.  I get so excited come A/W when it feels more appropriate to crack out the sequins, they feel a bit too over the top for S/S wear unless you are going somewhere really special and can waltz around like you're in one of those casino movies... if only hey!  I bought the most amazing sequin dress for my honeymoon last year and have only worn it once since (on Christmas eve) and really want to wear it again but am not sure where it would fit - it's a bit too look at me for a wedding and too OTT for a night out.  Such a shame as I love it so much and stroke it often ;) When would you wear this dress?

The last time I went to Topshop Oxford Circus (with the ldnlunch girls!) we we're cooing over the most amazing silver sequin dress.  I fell for the ombre version of my nude dress in the Bullring Topshop a couple of weeks ago and today the little mint number landed on making me crave sequins even more.  Do you love sequins as much as I do and do you ignore the season and just whip them out whenever you fancy adding a little bling to your life??

*post written in collaboration*

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Wants

The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray! I think this may have influenced the inclusion of the first dress! I usually avoid strappy dresses but am drawn to the print and the little splash of colour, very cute!  The other two made it on my wish list for obvious reasons, their amazing collars! Are they not totally gorgeous?!  The middle dress is my favourite of the three and the one that is most likely to make it into my wardrobe.  Love the colour, fabric, style and of course the studs.  The collar on the third dress is actually detachable so you can work it with multiple outfits, handy! ha.  I love the little cloud embroidery too. Makes me think of Care Bears.

Dress: Oasis

Dress: Goldie c/o Topshop

 Dress: asos

What do you have your eye on this week?

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Spotlight on... Glamorous - NOW CLOSED

Glamorous are a brand I am used to checking out on the asos and Dorothy Perkins websites, recently I discovered that they actually have their own website and it is really rather fab.  They have a great selection of reasonably priced dresses making shopping rather hard... which one to choose?!  My current favourites are:

As you may have seen from my sidebar Glamorous are offering readers of a million dresses 20% off with free worldwide shipping using the code Glamorous20. That makes the cheapest of my wishlist dresses just over £23 delivered, fantastic!

Not only that Glamorous have sent me my Wednesday Wants wishlist dress to give away to you guys!  How generous of them is that?!  My last little giveaway hasn't ended yet but I couldn't turn down the opportunity to spoil one of you guys :)  The dress is a size 10 (will fit 8-12 easily) and to win it all you need to do is be a follower of a million dresses and leave a comment below with your email address.  Easy as pie.  The competition is open to UK readers only and will close at 6pm on Thursday 24th May.  The winner will be picked at random using

Dress: Glamorous

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wednesday Wants

Just one dress in this week's wishlist and boy what a dress it is!  I haven't been able to stop myself from cooing over it's cuteness since I laid eyes on it.  Saccharine sweet perfection.

Dress: asos

Only the rather hefty price tag stands in the way of this dress being mine.  I need a dress for a wedding soon, do you think this is too much?  Should I wear more grown up things to formal events or do you think a wedding is the perfect place to wear your cake and eat it??

Friday, 11 May 2012

A little giveaway - NOW CLOSED

I haven't done a giveaway for a while so when I was offered some pretties to share with you guys I jumped at the chance!  Mobilefun offered to send me two iPhone cases, one for me to review and one to giveaway!  Following on from my love of all things pastel I picked this cute candy pink case by ecoskin.  I haven't seen anything in a similar colour and am loving how it works with my outfits, a matching case is my latest accessory ;) 

I chose this Case Mate Creatures case for the giveaway, I love how the camera becomes one of the eyes! 

The other part of my giveaway has been kindly provided by Eclectic Eccentricity jewellery who make beautiful jewellery mixing both vintage and new charms.  If you haven't come across them before go take a look.  One of my current favourites is this necklace, too cute!   The items up for grabs are the Follow The Leader necklace and Light As A Feather bracelet.

To win both the Creatures iPhone case and the EE Jewellery all you need to do is be a follower of A Million Dresses and leave a comment below with your email address.  The winner will be chosen at random using  Open to UK readers only.  The giveaway is open until Friday 18th May at 6pm.  The winner will be notified asap.

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